500 gold each time I'm hit, what a JOKE.

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Sounds to me like durability hit scales to actual damage taken, possibly.
Leave the old repair costs the same. Every time the player dies, they are taxed a percentage of their gold. This would be equally painful for all players, not only very poor players.

They should have left it as it was, but if they really wanted to punish death, the death should have meant a complete loss of durability forcing an immediate full repair rather than just 10%.

This would have only then punished those who got killed.

Of course there is another argument about the possibility of survival in any reasonable gear for an act with certain stupid affix combos that also needed sorting out if it hasnt been for 1.0.3 (Im EU, so not played this patch yet).
I died a few times in act 2 (trying to figure out what i need to gear up with) and it cost me 30k...I think the repair costs are a little to steep. Pretty sure they will patch this in a future update.
First hit decreases all durability by 1, but then you won't lose more durability for quite a while. So yes, "first" hit costs a lot, but subsequent hits are free until you lose another point of durability.

1. dont die
2. use an authenticator
3. use credit card

but yea, this is broken.
I officially can't play inferno because my gear isn't good enough anytime I run into elites. (Was playing Act 1). The cost to attempt to progress in inferno is just far too great to keep trying. When it costs me 10k gold everytime I need to pass an elite mob, how am I supposed to actually get enough gold to get better gear?
I dont see the issue, My gear costs 21k to repair when yellowed. I make more then enough to cover it. Though this was in hell ponies so.
All created to keep the RMAH going. Now you have to buy gold with real money to keep up with repairs.

That RMAH abomination needs to be deleted from this game. Most greedy, shady game feature I've ever witnessed.
When you think about it, durability loss on death doesn't make any sense at all.
50 gold per hit adds up in a hurry for a barb and I would assume a monk as well. I agree with the OP aside from the percentage of gold thing, that would be over kill for those with a decent bank roll saving up for that expensive item they want
This is because Blizzard encourages people to buy gold from gold farmers (Because they sell gold themselves), don't u get it?

If u haven't got enough money, go buy gold from *(Blizzard's gold farmers) :)
100% agreed
06/19/2012 03:00 PMPosted by Kirk
When you think about it, durability loss on death doesn't make any sense at all.

since when?? gear lost durability in D2 on death..Easy fix, get indestructable items.
How much gold do you get each time you kill a monster?

The game is setting a ratio now of how good you have to be for this difficulty level to be economical. If you can't beat that ratio, you're not yet ready for this level of difficulty.

The problem is there's too many players trying to jump difficulties too fast and blaming Blizzard when that turns out to be challenging.

There are less challenging zones, use them.

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