500 gold each time I'm hit, what a JOKE.

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Hahahahah! On my lunch break I tried to !@#$ around in an azmodan run for a while. Killed 3 elites and died about 6 times. My repair bill was 40k! HAHAHAHAHAAHAH

And then after expressing my disgust at the 40k repair bill some other guy said his was 70k!


Just wow.
06/19/2012 02:58 PMPosted by electroRogue
the philosophy is we make it so bad, that when we fix it people will shut up about the rest of the dumb design we goofed up with.

^ this
I agree. GET RID of RMAH. I REFUSE to pay cash for game pieces after I payed $60 for the game. If I can't gain wealth in the game the old fashion way, via MF/GF and quests, I am OUT till this is fixed. Still in the process of trying ways to work with this patch. So far, it looks like a POS. Also, it would be nice if you weren't stuck with only a very few combo choices of builds to use in ferno.
Potions that heal 1/2 my hp costs 610 gold. I lose 1/3 of my life per hit. I am already paying close to this. Now it is just doubling the cost. Sucks to be a tank though lol Also, watch out for fire under the feet. That really kills the durability.

Ignore durability loss items may actually be worth something now.
06/19/2012 03:12 PMPosted by Jex
I haven't had a chance to play much yet, but when I went to repair after about 10 mins of farming without dying in act 1 inferno, my repair was about 4k gold.. most items only had lost like 4 things (lol lack of better term)

Thank you for adding your account.

My experience is exactly the same.

I really have to wonder if these people trolling me have ever had gear on their character good enough to experience just how high repair costs can get.

Since I wrote the OP, I went back in game and killed 1 elite, a special, and a bunch of mobs, didn't die, and had a 4600 gold repair bill. I took a few hits, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Even worse, I'm wearing my MF gear, which isn't even as expensive to repair as my normal gear.

edit: In that time, I picked up about 4k gold, a couple magic items, and one garbage rare.

I think I made about 5-6k total, so I pretty much broke even.
I have never posted to any blizzard forum ever that I can remember but I had to come here to add my opinion to this issue. Was diablo 3 what I had hoped? No. Was it still a decent game that I enjoyed playing? Yes. I have a monk on act III inferno, a wizard in act II and a DH in nightmare. These new repair costs mean I am going to join however many other people, maybe a few maybe a lot, in taking a break from this game. You can say don't die as I have seen repeated in many many posts but to that I say I dont die that often. You see I could go back and farm completely safe content but that is not fun. I don't zerg I don't corpse hop or anything like that. I like to play where there is a thrill to the fight where I am near or at the limit of what I can do. When you do that you do die sometimes it was supposed to be part of the game. Now when I play there I cant even afford to buy new potions because my gear is so expensive to fix. If this game is either buying gold or only killing safe mobs then that's not even a decent game anymore. I just hope blizzard changes this back to some degree and soon. I want to keep enjoying this game.
They must've looked at how quickly their best players were needing to repair...then tripled it.
Ran a 5 stack Warden then Butcher.

0 deaths. 63k repair cost.

Needless to say I did not make anywhere near that amount from the run itself.
06/19/2012 03:14 PMPosted by Slightofhand
Hahahahah! On my lunch break I tried to !@#$ around in an azmodan run for a while. Killed 3 elites and died about 6 times. My repair bill was 40k! HAHAHAHAHAAHAH

You're laughing at the ridiculous repair bill. I'm laughing that you died 6 times and only killed 3 elites... seriously, that was passing as acceptable before this patch? It never occurred to you that you needed better gear or that you needed to play in easier content?

They should have raised the repair costs sooner.
They should have considered this. Gear deterioration from combat remaining the same when they increased repair costs many times over is simple lack of forward thinking. The intent of this change was about DEATH, not COMBAT.
It pretty much broke the game for everyone. The only people that are gonna say its a good thing is hardcore players and people that already have millions. It cost me about 100k just to get 5x neph and all the elites dropped horrible rares. Majority of the magic items were all junk too so there was no gold profit. There is really only 2 options. Level up a low level character or just play something else.
Totally broken... I can now play Act II without getting one-shotted, so I can look for better gear, but can't afford to play Act 2 because I'm getting less gold and crappy items than it costs to keep my armor repaired, so it's not worth it to PLAY Act 2.

If I wanted to be CAUTIOUS while playing, I would play Hardcore... Instead, I prefer to push the limits of my character. That's how I choose to play. What was costing me 3K to repair after an Elite fight is now costing 15K. Most stupid decision by a "game" company that I've ever seen.

Thanks for the giant step in reverse. I preferred the harder Act 2 that said "don't come here, you're not geared well enough, so go farm Act 1 and visit the AH often" to the Act 2 that says "welcome my friends, play play, look around, fight elites, you only died 3 times fighting them, and that fourth death in the sands was because of LAG, not even your fault, so please pay your 20K in gold... what do you mean, you spent all your $ in the AH... so sorry... go find something to fight that won't kill you, ever, as we know you really want to be hardcore"

Disclaimer - I know there will undoubtedly be some awesome pro player on here telling me I don't have to play Inferno, and that I should be glad the later Acts were nerfed, and blah blah blah, but I'll be honest... I don't care. If I wanted to play outside the realm of "fun" and play "seriously", I would play a hardcore character, and I'm not interested.

So I'm going back to #%@#$% Act 1...

Here's some attributes you can add to your items in patch 1.0.3b:
Extra Repair Costs Suck +236%
Who Needs Fun When You Can Farm Diablo 3 Forever Now + 178%
For A Good Time You Paid $50000 Gold And Got $15000 In Drops +123%
I thought the same thing when I had a successful run with NO DEATHS and still had a pricey repair bill.
Ran a 5 stack Warden then Butcher.

0 deaths. 63k repair cost.

Needless to say I did not make anywhere near that amount from the run itself.

I guess Blizzard's intent regarding "players using more efficient tactics" means they now want inferno level players to stop every other run, and then go back to normal mode naked, and farm gold for repair bills.

That sounds pretty efficient to me.
I can't upvote this post enough...I'm trying.

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