1.0.3 = Death to Diablo in Australia

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I didnt lag at all up until this stupid 1.0.3 patch. DC every 5mins. Delay, latency spike to 800ish. Can not play at all.

BLIZZ, i dont know u change or fixed but reallyyy what have u done!!! U're doing it worse!
yeah look you guys might have fixed one or two things but you've !@#$ed 3 or 4 great job
Since patch, load into the game: 254ms. Try and do anything, no response. Wait 5 minutes, latency has changed to 844. I've checked speedtest.net (http://www.speedtest.net/result/2018732709.png) and tracert in CMD (what's the ip for the diablo3 servers, does anyone know?) all come up fine. :(
I reckon the perfomance issue was fixed, havnt lagged yet but it could happen any moment :S

Edit: I have experienced some lagg over the past few hours since i downloaded the new patch, but not overally that bad.
Is it still possible to get a refund?
06/20/2012 12:54 AMPosted by Takinagi
Is it still possible to get a refund?

that depends entirely on when you purchased (you have thirty days from initial purchase)

you can read more here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5740845937?page=1
Sucks they make the game so precision timing with their extra range Mortar not hard enough to kite already just now got worst?
I just don't understand how they expect us to do it being 2 sec delayed Majority of the time =\ and top it all off was the repair? O well.. they wanted people to stop farming act 3 Siege Breaker and Azmondan well.. They got it! Now people just rush through act 1 till it's gets soo boring we'd just quit.

Oh and Barb's now Top Class! lets all quit DH/Monk/WD/Wizard and go to Barb!(Till they nerf them too)
Yup, we've put up with all the crap blizz want to deal... just not worth the effort anymore. They needed to sort the latency issues, before reducing damage to make the fights longer. Time for me to find another time waster till Guild Wars 2.

But in saying this I have made some good Money from the RMAH so I will be taking my money and running, while giving blizz a friendly wave goodbye with my middle finger held vertically straight.
I do not intend on spending the money i made to purchase items to get my dps somewhere close to where it was before patch. It is good to see that the item drop chance has been fixed, but typical blizz update things to their own benefit..... like this isnt a push for everyone to use the RMAH.

Anyways, over ranting.... over begging.... over diablo....

Have fun guys
I attempted to play (am in Australia), but the lag I'm seeing is the worst I've seen yet.
The lag problem is meant to be getting better, not worse... If the game doesn't work, it shouldn't be live. Don't give me a green light on the server status, only to load a game that is effectively broken in operation.
I truly greateful for this update. That is the best move that blizzard have in my life. I have planned to spent $2000AU in this game to make myself top player in D3 but luckily they made this move before I spend. Look at the lagg issue come with 1.0.3 update looks like I better off invest in some other game. I spent money on games. My history, maple story I spent $1k and DOMO I spent $2k they all good game and I don't regret. Well at least they don't lagg that is for sure. Anyway i have enough to put up with this lagging issue and stupid game. Worst game I ever played in my life. I am happy too because I have made a right decision by quitting this game. Well luckily I only spent $69 on buying this stupid.CD. Bye blizzard will never invest in blizz game anymore as I kow it lagg.

Anyway apologies for grammar mistake, as I am Chinese :)
Maybe we should ask refund, because BLZ change the quaility of product (or service provided) which is not worthy $78AUD or $105NZD any more
im stuck on patch loop because i use asia server, the new patch sounds like more headaches though what a joke
3.5 k latency for me. Epic.
Yep me too looks like the majority of us AU/NZ are getting smoked on latency 400ms was the best i could get today.

i see a few ppl posting here wait till everyone patches and things like that, hey guess what we paid like $80 bucks just to purchase this product while it is a good game there's been more disappointment for us in this part of the world than anything else.

we paid our money for a product we can not use there's nothing wrong with our networks i get a full 20mbs connection in north america on my other games so don't bother going there either.

we paid for a product that barely works because of poor project management pure and simple if people ant a refund they should get it.

that be right i go on a mass rant then my latency drops to under 200ms lol maybe they heard me i better make the most of it
My latency is a steady 200...sure the IAS dropped meaning most people's DPS dropped but they significantly reduced the HP and damage of elite mobs, its definately easier in Inferno now than before.
ive been pretty patient dealing with the issues that come with a new game, but even BF3 didnt have this many teething issues.

hate to complain, as the game has polish but still so many gripes:

  • insane lag issues, regardless if i use Cable/ADSL/3G/4G
  • nerfing IAS to the point of a now 2x useless char's
  • repair costs: 60% more? really?
  • farming alone by myself, doesnt prove any return, where do i earn 450k for a crap set of bracers that i will have to upgrade later on
  • simple mass inflation of any item on AH with lvl 60 on it
  • redo'ing same quest to find the achievements like "wheel of misfortune" or "market research", gives me a 'input limit reached' and banned for 20min
  • lastly, Every patch so far has involved me waiting for a hotfix, looking on the forums how to get it working, or re-installing
  • comon guys we just want to play the game and have fun

    Actually repair cost = 600% more... not 60%... 60% I could definitely live with that increase...but not 600%.... to me tonight, killed a bunch of normal enemies, then met an elite pack, got my life pool down to 50% so I ran back to Waypoint... went to sell some items and repair.... and 6K.... Im like WTF!!... 6K for taking damage and not even dying..... I sold a 30 All resists 100 Vitality and 100 Dex Belt for 5K...... and my repair Bill for taking damage in a melee is MORE!!!...

    They want increase worth of Gold by literally taking it away from the working class.... I mean, 80% of players have under 2 Million Gold.... the billionaires who duped and exploited arent affected... because 1. they have UBER gear that gets them quick kills and HIGH defense and life... which means they take less damage.... 2. they farm higher areas where they sell items in the millions per day.....

    D3 has become representative of current Real Global Economy... 95% working class + Poor struggling and 5% Rich not even affected and getting richer...

    And WHO WANTS a GAME to be similar to REAL LIFE struggles??... Blizzard has LOST IT.... they forgot that games are meant to be FUN first with challenge.... not TEDIOUS and Struggle.
    300ms is nothing, honestly but the 500ms spectrum is a bit worrisome.

    If I can actually patch the damn game I guess I'll see me own ping but it was never bad during 1.0.2 either when others had issues.

    I've had a few issues here and there but nothing serious but it does make me question the server structure setup at Blizzard. World of Warcraft runs pretty good for me... but Diablo 3 doesn't? Doesn't make much sense to me.

    300ms is worse than cancer. Try playing the game HC and come back to me after attacks that you dodged kill you or instant abilities you timed right didn't save you in time because of lag.

    Diablo is a completely different game to WoW and moves at a completely different pace. You can get away with 200ms lag in WoW... in Diablo 3 its a deal breaker.

    Way to spit on the face of your AUS/NZ customers blizzard.
    Oooooooooooo! May a South African jump in?

    Ping averages about 415ms to 510ms for me and my friends.

    Repair costs are laughable.

    Had to redo my audio options.

    I'm cold.

    I am very unhappy about all of these things!

    (Your company is obviously intelligent enough to realise that. So hmmmmmmmm.........)
    Firstly. my latency is much better and more consistent at 250-270ms (which is !@#$ you blizzard bad but not a tragedy like some people make it out to be) after the patch although rubber banding happens from time to time. Secondly, before the patch my barbarian couldn't even battle wasps spewing bug at the start of act 2 and now my barb can engage 2 elite mobs at once comfortably. Thirdly, now elites are worth killing as I pretty get at least 2 rares per mob.

    I have spent countless hours building my barb with excellent gears just to survive before the patch and now I can fight toe to toe with the toughest elite in act 2 bar some elite with broken affixes like shielding fear jailer frozen.

    Now those of you who complains here are glass cannon users who dies in 1 hit.....who before the patch spent, relatively speaking, almost nothing on gear yet can kill everything better than a barb with gear worth millions and millions in gold. Now attack speed is nerfed and you guys complain....HOW ABOUT SPENDING THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME AND EFFORT AS I DID WITH MY BARB?

    If you guys want to quit then quit?! Nothing is stopping you, why even bother telling everyone? Complaining is fine and even beneficial but saying that you want to quit but in the end still play is just stupid.
    My opinion on this patch is similar to a few other posters here - the main goal of it was to reduce gold availability which in turn forces people to use real money.

    Reduced gold from drops
    Increased repair costs

    So players are forced to spend any and all gold on repairs leaving nothing to purchase better gear. Hence players are essentially forced to inject their own real money to buy gear on RMAH.

    Also just to show I'm not all about the negative, I do believe their are people within Blizzard that wish this to be a great fun game, however the Activision business model does not. Read more about that and you'll quickly understand the reason the game is going in the direction it is.

    I'm looking ahead to games like Torchlight 2, Grim Dawn (especially), Path of Exile and Krater. All ARPG's without the extreme business model of Diablo 3.

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