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I bought my digital version more than 72 hours ago. It still is apparently still on starter game settings.

I was not told at the time that it would only be a starter edition for 3 days. That would have been reasonable. I planned a block of time to play the game, while on vacation. I was happily playing -- it's a nice game, thanks -- and then bang the game seemed to have a problem. I spent several hours finding out about something Blizzard knows about.

The least you could do is both fix the error message about needing to upgrade to explain that there's nothing you can do yourself to upgrade but that it will happen. And then it should happen within the allotted time. If you really mean 3 business days, instead of three actual days then say so.

If there's some bug that effects only my account, I'd appreciate it if you could repair my account.
No its is longer than 3 days cause im half way through day 4 and still not working, so if your going to post info make sure its correct if you can!!!!!
4 days now.

I wonder if blizzard has heard of the better business bureau
So it seems that my purchase has now been verified. But my quest history seems to be reset to start over. So is it expected that I loose my characters progress?

The digital purchase option seems pretty much like a punishment at this point. Blizzard may want to consider taking it down and sending people to stores instead (I would have preferred that had I known how this would play out).

I bought Diablo 3 through my account (using the same payment option) that I had for WoW for the past 5 years, so I would say it's safe for Blizzard to assume that I am paying my bills with them.

Not happy...
Outside of the issue that we fixed, digital purchases do require a review period before they kick over from Starter to Full editions. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is a necessary step to combat fraud and other malicious activities that can weaken everyone's play experience.

The delay is no longer than three days, and is often much quicker than that. Hang tight. :)

So i downloaded the game three days ago on the 21st and it still hasnt let me access the real money auction house or play past the skeleton king whats going on? D:
my transaction is claimed to have been completed over 94 hours ago by both Bnet and my bank account but I still cannot play.

I have seen the claim that it is up to 72 hours like 40 times, so what's the deal?

also, no one is responding to me, no admin anyways, nothing, my phone calls are all ignored because your hold queue is always full, and my ticket has not been answered yet, along with none of my forum posts being responded to.



give me a refund, let me play and give me compensation, something, but I assure you if this goes on I'll NEVER EVEN THINK about playing one of your games ever again. ever.
This is ridiculous! I paid my money, I demand to play!!!
anyone else with this problem able to do EVERYTHING else but move past level 13 and the Skeleton king? i can now group with friends, and use the auction house.

I have already reset my password and that didn't change anything.
retarded blizz go develop some more WoW, money junkies.
I too am waiting on day 4 with no news or progress...
I guess on a good note, the skeleton king and i are good friends now, since i have nothing better to do on this game but get every class, double for some, to 13 by beating him repeatedly.
Come on! i cleared whole starter edition in an hour is this what i get for 59.99?I really want this game!
Now it's more than 72 hours since the purchase :(

Will there be any message, so I can know when payment is accepted ? And what will happen with created chars/ earned gear/xp/quests ?

And the funny thing is, AH worked for me, i sold few items and bought some to...
Wow... if I would have known about this bull!@#$, I wouldn't even have bothered to buy this game at all.
All - Stop posting on the forums where it is just ignored by Blizzard.

Do what I did, open a ticket and DEMAND the full version now or you want a refund. I've got my money back, I wont be giving my hard earned money to companies that think they can get away with stuff like this. I dislike being charged for a full game and then being denied access to it.

Vote with you're wallets, it's the only way they will learn. By accepting this treatment you are just validating the fact they can do what they want and it wont hurt their bottom line. Get YOUR money back while you can and spend it on a game from developers that treat thier customers right, not like criminals.
Guys try changing your password if you're past 72 hours, if that doesn't work, then by all means demand a refund, Blizzard have been awful on this issue, I have no idea what they were thinking of.
after transaction failure for digital version I got my account suspend. so i decide to upgrade the game with a cd key i bought in store and after register my key I got the full standard version but my acount is still suspend!
it's a joke! Blizzard you FRAUD me!!
Not happy about this. If I would have known I would I had to wait 3 days to play a game that I just paid $60 for I would've just went to the store and bought the damn thing. I would have much rather had a physical copy anyways. Whats the point in buying it online anyways if it's going to take that long? I could have received it faster off amazon.
Well, nothing new in my case, but I still post it. My upgrade time is between 50+ hours now, so I'm still hopeful that it will turn out ok. Anyway, I'd really like to see some status information on, and also in the game, instead of the standard Upgrade/Cancel dialog, it should say what's the status of the _already_ payed-for upgrade process. This would make a lot of people accept the delay easier.

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