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yeah if only you could get your money back and drive to your local game store. lol at blizzard for being the first company that has online sales and make you wait for your content. maybe ill give my bank a call in the morning and see if its possible to get my money back, and ill just go to gamestop.
Yeah it would be one thing if they even acknowledged the issue but there has been no progress or response all day. Next stop would be our credit card companies/banks.
Ha! I'm going to phone you guys and give you a piece of my mind. I was actually looking forward to continuing the game even though I was skeptical, so I think I'll phone my credit card company to reverse the charges. I paid online instead of wasting gas to go to the store, including the exchange fee to USD, and I have to hopefully wait no longer than 3 days? I'm pretty sure that's some sort of fraud, and the US has better consumer protection laws than Canada. Thank you for getting my hopes up and wasting my time and money. I'll be sure to tell any of my friends who want to play D3 what they can expect.
Please cite where in the EULA where it states this, or any other agreement I signed while tossing my 60 bucks at Blizzard.

You're losing all credibility here, you really are.
The background music when waiting to speak to a rep gets irritating fast. 11 minutes until my turn my !@#.
if they only realized that the majority of the people who buy online are adults. we do understand certain rules and regulations, but this is unheard of, and those of us who are adults know how to make phone calls, and its very easy to reverse a charge through your bank. so how about one of you forum mods be an adult and address this thread and give something more detailed then "you have to wait 3 days until your payment is reviewed" stupid stupid stupid.
Joining a friends game seems to have fixed it for me. Instant access to the quests after skele.
I think you should phone your card company. I already had the full version of the game (around 7.7GB) when I downloaded the Starter version, so that's not even an excuse they can use. I would get my money back on principle. If they had a big red warning when buying the game online that it could take several days to be verified, it would be my problem to wait. I saw nowhere that it wasn't instant until I found this thread. I've been waiting on the phone so long I've gone from completely ignorant of the issue to having researched it as best as I could.
Im about to go out of my way and contact the BBB to get my money back. i pay for a full version but it still says i have the starter edition. this is BS!
im trying to see if i can join friend's games but this is still crap. also been waiting on the phone for 40mins, even more bs.
20 Mins untill I call BBB and report fraud, Instant my money was out of my account, and into blizzards pocket I should have been playing thats the way transactions work, Fix it quick Blizz or meet the BBB
06/19/2012 07:10 PMPosted by Roon
Joining a friends game seems to have fixed it for me. Instant access to the quests after skele.

Unfortunately I'm so new I don't have any friends =(
Outside of the issue that we fixed, digital purchases do require a review period before they kick over from Starter to Full editions. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is a necessary step to combat fraud and other malicious activities that can weaken everyone's play experience.

The delay is no longer than three days, and is often much quicker than that. Hang tight. :)

this is bs excuse and here is why

1. bought my son a copy of this game, digital one and it worked right away no problems at all off course that was all pre patch.

2. was told by support in a ticket that they would manually fix mine since they showed it as paid 7 hours ago.

truth is patch screwed up accounts that were activated around the time of the patch and im guessing you guys are just buying time until you can figure out what is wrong with it. I used to be a Gamemaster also for a online MMO so I know the excuses given to delay players until you can figure out where you screwed up. The game is great I dont care about nerfs or whatever else you want to do I can live with it but screwing with my money well thats something im going to !@#$% about. I have zero faith that you all will have this fixed anytime soon let alone in the 3 days. I mean if you tell me in a support ticket that you have ALREADY oked my account for play and well you didnt why would I believe your 3 day excuse?
My friend told me that according to his game, I have the full version. Why would the game say we have the full version when being kept in Act 1? It just makes it more confusing for us.
06/19/2012 07:21 PMPosted by Crownowa
My friend told me that according to his game, I have the full version. Why would the game say we have the full version when being kept in Act 1? It just makes it more confusing for us.

Because this is a technical issue that Blizzard isn't addressing (based on their lack of response here). They think it is a matter of payments being processed, but it IS NOT. Maybe it's time to start calling by phone to start our returns or else this will never get the attention it deserves.

well, this is just more and more information being received, it sounds like a major development issue to me, if there isnt a better responce somewhere by morning, or the issue isnt fixed, ill be making phone calls bright and early to be sure I have my money back.
Bump it forum mods need to pay attention to this....the excuse you gave was just need to make this right...if you cant get the accounts up and running right away you need to at least communicate why
At least the response could've been something like "most of us are near the end of our shifts and really just want to put the day behind us, we're desperately hoping that we don't have to stay late and that whoever comes in to clean this mess up after us has it done before we're here again...God I need a drink".

It'd still be an empty, no excuse excuse but at least we the players wouldn't feel so insulted.
I got off the phone after being on hold for 45 mins (I never got to talk to a rep). I need to go to bed soon (I'm technically still eating dinner though). I think I'll send complaints and phone my credit card company at work tomorrow.

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