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I keep checking the forums for a proactive response to our concerns...

decided to research into another game to spend time on.
06/20/2012 02:48 PMPosted by Zero
Ultimately, we think players running around with an entire set of Magic Find gear and swapping out those pieces every time they want to open a chest, smash a pot, or click on a weapon rack isn't really all that fun, and we didn't want the game's mechanics to make players feel like they needed to do that in order to be the most efficient. We also don't want players avoiding fighting monsters just to run after shiny clicky things (we want you to do both). In both situations, this is something we wanted to discourage and we implemented changes we felt would accomplish this.

Why do you care about this so much? If someone wants to do this, how is it hurting anyone else? Why nerf the entire game for everybody? Why is there a treasure chest on the icon for a fortune shrine?

That is SO true! Thumbs up.
Find anything good out there? I am looking forward to Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim.
i hope this messege makes it past just this forum, and i'm sure numerous fans are willing to back up some of my statements.

this latest patch is quite possibly the worst. the only positive thing is the reduction of a2-3-4 inferno mob dmg, which is negligible for most.

i want reimbursement for the ias gear i spent millions to obtain from the ah, if not then change the stupid stat back to the way it was, because its clearly useless now.

my wiz dmg went from 40k dps to 23k cuz of nerf and the attack speed is HORRID compared to what it used to be. but i digress.

every patch that comes out for this game is making me want to quit more and more.


you want to make the game FUN, not another grind or MMO
smashing pots for loot, switching to mf gear b4 a boss kill, collecting nv stacks to boost mf - these are all things that make diablo a unique game. slowly, you're taking it apart week by week.

the business model for this game is stupid. its ruining the diablo game name. turning it into a wow is NOT what you want to do. if you continue down this road, you will have a lot of dissapointed customers, and when you make games in the future, they will not buy them because of the horrendous downfall of potentially one of the best video games to date.

im finding myself in a state of disappointment with this game right now. i hope it will soon be remedied.

an avid blizzard fan
All you people who say they're driving us to the RMAH are wrong. With the current changes there will be no good loot to put on the RMAH. There is no way for anyone to produce any sort of good loot with the current loot system.

There is probably a .00001 percent chance per person that does a run to produce a good piece of loot. You get like 2 ilvl63 pieces per long run with 300 mf (thats me) and in 30 of those you might roll a good piece.

Totally agree! Now we can't even find as much gear as used to so the chances are even lower even though the drops from elites are more consistent. The only two legendaries i ever saw came from weapon racks and chests with 5 stacks. So i used to just break pots kill everything and loot everything which worked well now all i can do thats even worth my time is farm elites which each hour and a half run yields 100k then minus the repair costs averaging 1 death i get 70k per hour and a half of game time and have yet to get anything that is good gear.
I'm glad Blizzard is taking charge of this whole process to make the game as they want it. To me that means that there is in fact a direction and a destination. This is good. The last thing you want is a company which just bounces around based off what a select few people want.

Did you expect a game similar to, oh say, Diablo 2? Did you expect a Dungeon Crawler? Did you expect multiple viable builds for each class? You got none of those, and that's only the tip of the iceberg as far as things that Blizzard failed on upon delivery.

This game is a disappointment, and the people suggesting fix my character, not fix the whole are pissed cause the company LIED and said, with fancy colors and vids, "This is the NEW AWESOME INSTALLMENT OF DIABLO"... Far from it. Patches could change this into what the company said it was going to be, sure... at this rate it would take about 8-10 years of patches like 1.0.3 (acute changes).

Major Fail.
I think Blizzard has done an awsome job with this patch, they are right on track for this game to be as great as Hell Gate London......Oh wait that was an epic failure. Maybe the problem is you think that mindlessly running low difficulty levels with no chance of bettering your gear, is fun. ITS NOT. And you've handy capped the drop rates so hard to combat the gold, magic find stacking that even with our best gear we barely kill anything late game, and we sure cant try and stack drop rates. Repair cost just threw a brick around everyone trying to stay afloats necks.
All elites gain 1 guaranteed yellow

Bosses lose 1 guaranteed yellow


Hmm thats wierd cause I killed some elites today and didnt get a yellow. So clearly not working as intended.

The guaranteed rare is only at 5 stacks of NV, and I can confirm it is working.
Here is the biggest problem with this new patch. My friends who haven't bought it yet and are asking me if they should... I'm telling them no. D2 was sooo much more fun than this. I have almost 200 hours into it and still haven't found anything with a damn! Nothing! I have bought 90% of my gear through the AH and that is not fun. Then you changed i all and now I suck again. You say you wanted me to kill monsters, but now I can't afford the repair cost! If anything kills us, we run away because of the repair cost.
06/20/2012 06:45 PMPosted by Gottank
"We think it isn't really all that fun, but I sure love doing it!"

For clarity, we never said destroying environment objects wasn't fun. You can still smash objects for a chance at gold drops, or just because you want to. Players feeling like they needed to always carry around MF gear and switch to that gear before destroying environment objects in order to be as efficient as possible, however, was something that was repeatedly communicated (in these forums even) as something that wasn't enjoyable -- and we agreed.
/w..to switch besides two sets of gear ...Duh..ooooohh..another ten year old..let s play limited console games..and flash web based..games...!!!!!.. I bet you can t wait to be a Panda..!

I tried to post this in here, but the thread was locked, so I felt I had to make a new one. Of course it got buried, anyway.
06/20/2012 06:47 PMPosted by Loony
Find anything good out there? I am looking forward to Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim.

A new Magic the gathering game is on steam for 10 bucks. watched it on Forces youtube channel. Looks pretty good!
So sick of all the QQ if you want diablo 2 or an equivalency of it go do something easy like take a nap, equally aschallenging asd2 was it was boring and over simplistic
you want to make the game FUN, not another grind or MMO
smashing pots for loot, switching to mf gear b4 a boss kill, collecting nv stacks to boost mf - these are all things that make diablo a unique game. slowly, you're taking it apart week by week.

Wrong. They want to take your money and to take all the fun out of video games (almost a quote).

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