The reasons d3 nerfs

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Blizzard-"okay guys, we need a new idea"
70 yr old troll-"how about nerf a mmo?"
Blizzard-"we've already done that."
70 yr old troll-"how about... We nerf everyones damage on D3 because the AI's are finding it unfair"

Greetings community! That is what i believe was blizzard logic for the attack speed nerf so it seems, rendering items that people spent millons of gold on, useless.

Also the repair costs going up by 1000%? Yes 1000% that's no mistype, that's a bit of a joke considering the amounts of deaths suffered in inferno is intended. We're now being punished to progress through the hardest difficulty.

What blizzard has seemed to forgotten that this is not a MMO infact this is just like any other game with a campaign. If you were forced to be held back from the story in the game, not due to skill (because lets face it, some rare mobs have more than rediculous combinations) but because we don't have enough gold? That's a design flaw imo.

So what needs to be changed?

The patch needs to be reversed because this isn't a MMO. If you're going to nerf something, nerf a overpowered class, because what you did to the items is acctually illegitimate (people buying items via RMAH and not recieving the same item of which they payed for). That bit makes sense

The repair costs need to be taken out of the game completely, bots need to be dealt with seperately and it seems that everyone is being punished due to a selective group of people. Repair costs do not make the game fun, nor do they make the game progress in any way. Spending 1m gold on repairs doesn't mean you get instant access to diablo, nor the skeleton king. I really would of liked to have been able to use that gold for buying some nice gear to help me progress and i'm sure everyone else would have liked to also.

I hope blizzard reads this post and takes a few ideas from it, hopefully blizzard changes their direction from MMO to ARPG, that's what i thought the game would be, and i'm sure that's what people thought when they bought it also.

I will be looking foward to everyones replys. Regards, hygeia
well put.
i dont like the idea of simply playing the game like normal as a barb-- and getting punished becuase i get hit alot- no bueno

further i have not heard a valid argument yet over why they made everyone slow.. IAS is one of two stats that alters the actualy mechanics of the game-- thats why we love it- that and runwalk speed are two that actually change how things are physically done--- now even maxed with ias gear im slower than i used to be as a pure tank... what gives.

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