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As we all know the banner is a pretty cool element of Diablo III, it adds a touch of customization and personality to your already colorful characters and game play. "But when do you bust it out?"

The problem is that the "Banner" does nothing. It is quite reminiscent of the "Chat Gem" in Diablo II. It has no effect on the game and is nothing more then topical fancifulness.

I personally would like to see the "player banner" become a "personal waypoint".
Especially in Single Player Mode.

There is no other use for this object [suggestions below PLEASE!!]. Your flag is constant in town, so why would the player have the need to slam it down (hit "G") during game play? To be arrogant? To show-off?

[Here are legit reasons: To show his or her last position? (Map Markers Are Sufficient) Or to show location of a recently raided chest to other players? Problem with these are... The flag simply vanishes too quickly, and/or doesn't show up on other players maps.

It simply has zero relevance in the game as it is now. With all the work and additional time it took your developers to integrate and include that little tidbit, why is it not being implemented as a useable in game element? (Past what its effects are now)

By having the "player banner" act as a "checkpoint" or "waypoint" or "last dead position marker", the player banner actually becomes something of major importance.

Right now my biggest problem with this game is all of the "cool downs, timers, and delays".

If I am low on health, I use a potion, then am forced to wait like 20+ seconds.
If I die, I have to wait to respawn.
If I die again, I have to wait even longer (up to 30 secs) to respawn.
If I die, and haven't hit a checkpoint during the whole stage I'm playing, I am forced to WALK all the way back to where I was.

Now Inferno mode is hard enough as it is just trying to chip away at the monster's health.
If I am stuck walking all the way back to the last area where I was fighting and dying, the monsters will be back at full health by the time I get there. Meaning all was done for nothing. The only thing I am gaining is "repair debt".(Allowing monsters health bars to respawn - and genuinely aggravating the player.)

Back in Diablo II, I could safely leave a town portal open and know that even if I died, I would be close to where I was - knowing it would be a "tough" fight, - but winnable fight / encounter, because I could get right back into the mix with out to much deficit.

(getting your body back was kind of important in that game, but so was the "checkpoint effect")

If during my fight, I could hit "G" in a safe - unswarmed area of the map, close to the area I am currently fighting, the death timers, potion timers, spell timers , etc would not be so monotonous.

Now in a multiplayer game, you can click on another team members flag and spawn near them.... dead or alive. The main issues with this are; This only works in multiplayer. The amount of packets of info/ lag created upon entering that portal is the equivalent to the game just freezing up, or INSTANT DEATH IN INFERNO MODE!

All I'm asking for is some insight on the player banner, and possible additions to its relevance in game.

I want the player banner to become something rather then nothing.


Try to keep this post clean of un-educated responses, or at least, just say yes or no to whether or not you like the banners at all. I'm looking forward to hearing from a Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. representative. Blizzard "would you kindly" please respond to my inquiry.
Thank you.
I honestly believe tweaking in game "core elements" like these will have much more impact / effect on end game playability. As well as the effect of enhancing the game play overall.

This may even be the ONLY required fix to the latest patch (1.0.3). I could cope with that.

Seriously though - I need to be level 99 - "or your game becomes like any other game out there".

I don't even need to become more powerful or skillful each level either.
I just want to know I'm clicking my mouse into the ground for something.
Just reward me at level 99, when / if I get there.

Considering how quickly I breezed through even getting to level 60 (playing legitimately - come on!), I can't imagine level 99 would be that much harder. Compared to D2.
Especially if you got some form of reward.

If this is something you can even think about on the development table, here is an additional suggestion.

Make us have to REPAIR THE BANNER too! For some outrageous amount of gold.
This way it is a privilege to use your "personal waypoint" to help you in game.

It could be anywhere from like $10,000 - $100,000 game gold to repair.
But please god let the WP/TP not break each and every time I use it.

Perhaps you get 50 town portals / markers with each repair.

Adds fun game elements and initiative for the players.
Also since it won't be free, (game longevity).

Please let me know of any CONS to what I propose.
Please feel free to use this information freely as you see fit!
+1 I like the idea! I broke my self last night just on repair cost I had 150k and now im broke and can't repair armor. there is no way i can get past act 2 with the gear i have now! yes they may have upped the drop rate but, it dosen't seem like it! and when u get something that drops its still trashy drops! there is some serious tweaking needed the repair cost is one of them. Also the banner thing is something I wished did work like a waypoint!
Upping the drop rate for items that don't do you any good.
I went back a level from Inferno drops to Hell drops...

2x the yellow gear helps me not.... Simply extra pennies in my stash. [which the bank already owns]
I minus well turn the yellows into craft materials.. then sell them. Ha!

EDIT: I'm kidding... Don't waste your time doing this, it's just as valueless.
06/21/2012 12:33 PMPosted by Lotuswargod
Also the banner thing is something I wished did work like a waypoint!
I played D2 all the time, on and off for like 10 years.

I have yet to see 1 ELITE GOD LIKE KID with all decked out gear.
Everyone has average stuff. No one is outstanding? The majority of players don't even have like Perfect Radiant Gems in their gear?

Keep in mind I have one character, level 60 female wizard, about 153 hours invested.
And probably started playing two weeks before today 06/21/2012. So these kids are already way ahead of me, but yet it's as if I'm mostly caught up with the majority of players, who played since the games release.

I am now AT A STAND STILL. Without further motivation or will to play my character.
lol I usually just troll with the gayest banner i could think of and slam it down on my buddies corpses b4 rezzing them.... that's all the use I've got out of it really.
This is still a very valid point. I can't see any reason why the flag cant be used as a last death waypoint marker. Walking back to where you died is very time consuming and takes away from the pace of the game.
Check out my flag brah

09/13/2012 08:34 PMPosted by Meeerk
This is still a very valid point. I can't see any reason why the flag cant be used as a last death waypoint marker. Walking back to where you died is very time consuming and takes away from the pace of the game.

Don't forget the additional time waiting just to respawn.

That's why monsters health don't regen anymore... Because by the time you would walk back there, they would be back at full health (pre patch 1.0.3).

I say let their health regen FAST, just let my player banner act as a true TP mechanism.
Then I don't care if they gained life back, at least I'm quickly back in the fight.
If you think I am not pimping my banner out with a pink unicorn then slamming it down on your dead body when pvp hits... you have another pink unicorn coming.
Hey now, I'm pretty sure it does something... My follower always runs to it whenever I slam it down...
When they made character portraits with the Paragon system, the first thing I thought was:

Why isn't my banner somewhere in there?
i would also like it to have a similar use for D2's scroll of town portal, where i can pop one up in the middle of a really huge map and be able to come back to that spot in the event of an untimely death.

it would be definitely useful for huge act 3 maps with insufficient waypoints (rakki's, barracks, etc.) i find it very slow to walk those long paths when i die and i have 24% MS, can't imagine it for people without.

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