Recommended Inferno Stats - Monk

Was just wondering what the recommended stats were for Act 1 Inferno.

I have
30k Hp
5k Armor
10k DPS
500 Resist All
1050 Dex

Is this good enough? I feel like I'm still undergeared but not sure what I should put my focus into.

I have around the same and am struggling. You want to get 1k more armor, 100 more resist all and 15k DPS to make it easy.

Also, you can augment your build a lot with regen and LoH (yes, it's still good).
Well 1k more armor and 100 more resist is definitely doable.

But 15k dps? That seems insanely high.
I completed act 1 with 40k life, 500 resist, 5500 armor, 12k dps
I was just about to start Act1 inferno as well and have almost the same stats haha, except I just raised my health to 45k =p and 5.5k armor but only do 9k DPS. I also have 500 LoH I think i'm about ready but I might wait till tonight to get these gloves i'm bidding on, will be a decent damage AND life boost =D Add me if u want.

edit: Also I would def recommend more life, i was at 35k and same res and armor and i really felt like i needed more, i'm shooting for 50k. Taking no chances.
You should be able to get 40k HP easily, and with some LoH you'll be fine.
I completed act1 with 410 AR 34k hp 10k dps. armor was around 5k. That should be enough. just be careful and dont rush.
Thanks for the info guys. I'll work on my HP/Resists/Armor and see what I can end up with.

I think I am gonna shoot for

40k HP
600 Resist
6k Armor
12k DPS

Perhaps LoH but the gear can get pretty expensive.

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