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I believe I am speaking out for many other players when I say this. And this is probably the first and last time I will use the forums. Anyway onto the point. A few weeks ago my mate told me that Blizzad said that there will be NO dlc for Diablo 3. Im sure many people including myself, were devastated. Diablo 3 is a great game that can only be play through only so many times. And the fact that there is going to be no DLC is just heart wrenching! And being an online based game, no-one can make new areas for dedicated players to explore. Even if Blizzard made a random in game area generator. For example. You click on a menu (Random Area or Skirmish), you enter a few settings what you want it like. Snow, Forrest, Desert, Hell, Cave, Heaven, etc. You then choose a difficulty (only the completed difficultys are available). You now click Generate Area and you have a whole new area to explore. I see this as the only solution to the no DLC option (a dumb option because D3 has so much potential). Even if this generator cost a one time price of $10 - $20 (but it better be worth it) Also I dont see why you wouldn't do DLC, because you would make SO MUCH MONEY off it. So Blizzard, please do us all a favour, bring out DLC or add this Random Area Generator.

Copy, Paste & Repost all this and get the word around.
DLC will be just as unplayable as the rest of Diablo 3 if played on servers 10's of thousands of kilometers away.

Blizzard should be ashamed.
It's not that blizzard said there will be no DLC, its that they said their will be no content patches until after the pvp patch goes in(DLC isn't really the right term for Diablo, its either content patches or expansions).

They never said they will never do extra content they just said there is none planned till well after the pvp content patch comes out.

As for expansions they are guaranteed no if's buts or maybes, but its still wait and see on if they do content patches.
DLC = More new Content "Mobs , area , items , etc." >> which lead to More Playing time !!
D3 needs more cowbell.
yea come on wtf d3 sucks if you are going to fix or change anything make it more like d2 and dont forget all the people that are beegging you blizzerd to fix this diablo 3 sucks i hate it an wish i never buyed the collectors !@#$ 100% waste of my money i play d2 still just too pvp d3 is gay
I am surprised we found some haters on this foum... comon guys D3 is what it is... expansion pack - as Narull pointed out are as sure as day follows night... and the itemisation patch will also change things up a bit hopefully in regards to how to kit your toons...

Blizzard never rush
Don't like it, don't play it. There's plenty of other games out there to choose from.
Expansion pack has been 'officially' revealed.

No PC updates/patch's till console/blizz con. So don't expect loot V2 to even be copy & pasted from Console ver to PC till next year.

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