Cain is immortal, and having seizures in town

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I am sure this is a bug, as I have never seenit before the newest patch. It may have already been posted, but I am not looking thru all the pages for it.

Anyways, I go to get the 2nd piece of the sword shard after talking to the ferryman in town. I kill all of Magdhas minions, and complete the quest, when Magdah states she has killed Cain etc etc....whatever.

I get back to town, and low and behold ther is Cain jerking his monkey in circles, alive and well. Hell I am even still able to initaie conversations with him. I mean the dude is seriously messed up, spinning in circles, etc.

It was just too damn funny! Thought I would post.

I've had this happen as well, it appears he's stuck on himself while trying to go into his house. If you speak with him he walks inside.

This should probably be posted over in Bug Reports though.
Ehh, im sure its been reported, just posted it just to have a laugh

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