RIP Level 30 monk A4 normal

My first Hardcore death was a level 30 monk, death by the huge unique that guards the Occulus in the Hell rift.

Facerolled through Act 4 without a care in the world, sub bosses, elites, everything until I went into the first hell rift in Act 4. Oh look a giant monster guarding the Occulus. Easy peasy right?

Wrong. One hit took off half of my life, I spam blind, pots etc, get rubberbanded back for another hit, and a third hit got me while I was trying to run away.

So my first HC death was due to complacency in my part in my haste to finish normal.


(Almost quitting D3 though).
RIP fallen warrior try using dash or tempest rush to get behind the large behemoth as he winds up for his attack. Then as he attacks your already behind him and are completely missed.
Does this really work?

Sometimes when I circle around a monster when it does a charge attack (the bigger goblins with the huge maces for example), the monster still damages me.

Is it due to lag? Or am I doing it wrong?
This guy is actually super duper easy to dodge, you don't even need dash. One-shot my monk the first play through, though.

EDIT: THe big dude with the maces DO follow you (I remember a blue post saying they were gonna change that. Dunno if it made it into 1.0.3)

I remember using SSS for one of the attacks, and serenity for another on my monk, then trying to have it dead before the third. Leveling my monk SSS helped so much, giving me a free mini immune time, great for elites and some bosses. ...Cough..Belial..cough..
I'd recommend double checking your gear before doing act 3-4 on your next play through. Weapons at level 30-31 are really important and key upgrades can make a world of difference. I have two level 33 monks that just beat normal and I facetanked all those guys with no problem and with my 30+ weapons with ruby gems destroyed elites in a few hits.

Remember the fallen! Hopefully your next one can avenge him!
haha yea my first char almost died on izual cuz i was running thru everything no problem then got to izual and was like oh !@#$! luckily i managed to survive and he went on to being lvl 60 =D

Died the day after though....
RIP mate. Dashing strike I find works well for getting past them. Also mystic ally makes a nice distraction. Super easy to dodge them when they aren't swinging at you ^_^. Also if you want to run away when they start swinging, run perpendicular to them, not straight back. It seems to me that you get out of their hurt box faster that way.

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