Does Diablo 3 implement idle disconnects?

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I don't get randomly disconnected while I am playing or anything like that.

But, like most D1 and D2 fans, I am an adult and do have a life. So I step away from the computer to take care of stuff every 20 minutes or so. Sometimes I'm away from the computer for 20 minutes or so. I'm just wondering, is there a default timeout (idle disconnect) like there was in D2? (I believe it was about an hour in D2.)

Because I've replayed the same area three times tonight as a result of being disconnected while I step away from my computer. It makes for a less-than-satisfying gaming experience, as I'm sure you can imagine. Similar disconnects have happened countless times since I bought the game (never while I am active; always while I am idle).

Now, I'm sympathetic to the fact that Blizzard needs to conserve its server resources for those who are actively using them, but you know what? I paid for those resources. And I didn't choose to have to be constantly online while playing the game, BLIZZARD did.

So if this is a deliberate thing (timeouts), might you consider increasing the length of time before I get automatically disconnected? If I must maintain an active connection in order to play, then won't you return the favor? Diablo 3's terms of usage made it quite clear that I paid for a service and not a product. Is this not the service I paid for?

By all means, correct me if I am mistaken.

I believe the inactivity timer is 30 minutes in Diablo III.

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P.S. run in windowed mode. I do not disconnect even when gone for hours. Unless they changed it...have not tested since the patch. Cat feeding, laundry, dinner, phone issues.
Or how about increasing it beyond 30 minutes?

In light of the online-only requirement imposed upon us by Blizzard, this is a reasonable request, no?
Do you leave the screen on D3 while in windowed mode, or do you work in other windows (in an internet browser, for example)?
Does anyone else care about this issue? Surely giving us a reasonable timeout (an hour, minimum!) for the service we paid for isn't too much to ask.

Is it?
I think that idle disconnection is only for multiplayer (im not sure, almost never play multiplayer), because when I'm playing solo, i can press alt tab and leave computer for hours and the game still in. I usually do this when i have to work, so i wont do the same area again and again just to not get into a checkpoint.
I checked for another user recently and it appears the 30 minute idle timer is in effect if you're idle/inactive outside of a town for 30 minutes.
Sorry to necro this thread; I didn't realize someone posted in it. (btw, is there any way to get notifications of that, like in the old bnet forums?)

Back on topic: The 30-minute idle timer idles me out while I am INside a town idling for 30 minutes. I only idle in town, and again, I only get automatically removed from the game while I am idle.

Now, I do press esc to pause the game during this time. Could that be the culprit?
Don't pause it. Only takes a half hour to test.
The problem with that, Dobie, is that I lose all NV after 30 minutes. I may as well be auto-logged out and have to log back in in that case, as the net effect is the same.

By the way, I was just automatically disconnected again while paused in town and looking at the bnet forums--probably for about half an hour.

Omrakos, did you only test outside of town? Did you also test inside of town and confirm that the auto-disconnect is not active there as well?

I just lost all 5 stacks of NV as a punishment for looking at and participating in the forums. It's also a punishment for me buying the game despite my reservations about the online-only requirement.

And it's extremely demotivating. Makes me not want to play the game at all.

i have done extensive testing on this...The 30 minute idle time out period WILL happen IN town, OUT of town, game paused (ESC) or NOT paused -- it doesn't matter. If you aren't doing anything, you WILL be logged out.

This really is un-acceptable for a company that FORCES us to play the game ONLINE -- why must you think the model of Warcraft was SOOOO good that you need an Auction house (either gold, items or money)...

Why can't you guys create it like you did with Starcraft II -- no achievements, etc while not connected to BNET but let us play the DAMN game when WE want.

If you want to voice an opinion about a game mechanic, or make a suggestion or request a feature change, you need to do it in the General Discussion forum, not here.

Omrakos, did you only test outside of town? Did you also test inside of town and confirm that the auto-disconnect is not active there as well?

I honestly don't remember, it was a couple of months ago. It looks like Katowen has already done the testing I would have done. It's not exactly a tech support issue so I'd have to recommend you follow the advice I gave him and post in the General Discussion forum if you're unhappy with the feature.
You're right, this isn't a tech support issue, though I suppose it started as one. Would you be willing to move this thread to GD? That would be less spammy than starting a new thread, I think.
I guess you aren't willing.

I will start a new thread with the same content, then.
I've been idle in town for 30+ min and not gotten disconnected ....

I've also been idle in auction house for many many hours without disconnects either...
Why does this happen when you are fighting malthael on master level and you have died like 10 times half way through and you decide to whach a movie then you come back to notice the server kicked you WTF blizzerd i thought you were better than this if i wanted to play a single player game of say halo and left it paused for 30 minuts would it kick me NO now this wont stop me from playing diablo it just makes me really really really really pissed at you guys and starting to wander if i should buy games from you?

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