Best stats for a wizard weapon(wand)?

Hey guys I've been farming a bit on my monk and came across a (hopefully) decent wand.

Problem is i have no idea how good some stats are for wizards such as + max arcane power and arcane power on crit. Is it as good as Discipline for DH's?

So I guess I'm asking what would a perfect wizard 1h look like.

And also how would you rate this wand.

772.8 DPS

+236-527 fire damage.
+105 dex
+219 intelligence
+2479 life after each kill
+14 max arcane power
Critical hits grant 10 arcane power

I realise the DPS is average, the intell boost is excellent but I have no idea about arcane power.

Thanks guys :D
its alright, the int is nice however it lacks life on hit/crit dmg/socket, and as you said its dps is quite low
it's alright. the base dps isn't enough to warrant much more than 1-2m. the other stats are nice - crits grant 10 AP is max roll and is pretty important to some builds. i believe +15 AP is the max roll...and not as important as the ap on crit. LAK is worthless.
can i buy it off you for 10k gold?
Thanks for the quick replies :D
Since nobody answered your other question, the main stats that you're looking for in a wiz weapon.

Atleast +700 Life on Hit to combat against Reflect
Crit hit damage

The rest is just gravy.
soc first, then CD, then int,
If that had a socket it would be really good.

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