How important is gear for Arcane Regen?

I don't have a Wizard yet. I've been playing a Witch Doctor mostly.
I'm curious on how important gear is for Arcane regen for a Wizard.

Such as, can a Wizard ignore such gear entirely, or are they quite dependant on it?
only form of ap gain is ap on crit and some runes and passives.

ap on crit slots - helm, weapon, offhand.
Wizards have plenty of cheap spells, so you don't need to worry too much about it.
Depends on your skill choices. The most common builds don't use up much arcane power, cause we don't have the gold to stack crit chance items and arcane power on crit.
wizards have to do a lot of kiting in inferno so AP regens quick enough. There is a passive for it as well. I dont have any AP on crit on my gear. Its diluted on AoE spells anyway. Like LoH.

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