All resistance needs a cap

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As it is right now, you pretty much need it on every piece of gear just about now just to be pretty efficient at the later acts. Sure you can go with sub-par resistances but you are at a much greater risk of dying a lot as well.

I think capping the resistances at 500 maybe a tad lower and bringing the % of what 1000 resistance used to be the new 400-500 cap, it would help gearing tremendously better. That's one of the glaring issues I see with AR atm which doesn't leave room to much gear customization.

If we can put a cap on it around 400-500 and make 1 point of resistance about double the amount it is right now, it would allow people to gear a lot differently and allowing to mix and match gear a lot better. As it stands right now, it's just too important of a stat to pass up and you need a lot of it to survive in the later acts.

I understand this would probably frustrate a lot of people that worked hard on getting their resistances above 1k but I think this would help in the long run for this game. Ideally, I think IAS should of been dealt in a similar manner but not going to go on about that.

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