Monster Bug - Act 3 Winged Molok

Bug Report
Not sure if anyone else is having this problem but I've seen the bug occur in my games several times now so I thought I would report it.

In Act 3 sometimes the Winged Moloks will glitch out to where they are untargetable and partially invisible inbetween attacks. They will periodically shoot a fireball that will reveal them but they immediately go invisible again. I've tried streaming attacks around my character to try and kill them but they aren't taking damage at any time.

This is occurring in the Bridge of Korsik area in Act 3 nightmare, hardcore mode.
Yup, happened a few times to me and seen it on youtube as well. Was happening to me on Inferno but I had 2 of them. I just ran and remade the game. They hit a hard in my game.
I concur that the invisible winged molok bug is occurring to me as well. It's happening to me in the Skycrown Battlements. I can't get past the first quest in act 3 inferno because of this bug. Never know when that thing is gonna 1-hit kill me.
Yep happened to me at Rakkis Crossing.
It can also happen to champion packs of Winged Molok in the same location. It was pretty scary! I thought it was a change to teleport affix or something at first haha.
confirmed happening to me on more than one character/difficulty. quite frustrating...about as frustrating as the broken aspect of the zombie bears -_- I'm sure they'll "eventually" fix it. :(
I am having the same problem with this creature in Act 3: Skycrown Battlements. He does some major damage every time I stand still and could almost not use the town teleport because of his fireballs! Blizzard...please fix!
bump to this one. Happens too all my friends as well. Hope it gets fixed. If someone's been playing at blizzard I'm sure they've seen it.
ehh this is the oldest glitch thats been around since day 1. I dont think blizzard tested their game at all. I wonder how hardcore players are liking this.
Yea, this should be instantly fixed, I don't see how it's so difficult....
I've had it happen in hell and in inferno. In 350 hours it's happened to me 4 separate times.
It's very annoying if you're trying to progress and not just doing a run though.

They can not be hurt, they can not be stunned.

This does need to be fixed but at the speed things are going around here I would not expect it to be anytime soon.
Ya this is garbage... Act 3 inferno isn't hard enough as is without this bug.

Also it seems to me they are hitting harder than average winged moloks.
This has been going on since the beginning. The vultures in act 2 can do the same thing as well.
This happens in Hell with a terror, you can't get past it - must be part of the inferno difficulty

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