Ideas to Make Diablo 3 Survive for a Decade!

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Diablo III can definitely still become the game it's fanbase expected. Even if its a slow patch-by-patch process until the expansion.
Very good feedback! whenever i read these i gain some hope. I want this game to succeed!
Taking away level 99 and setting the level cap at 60 destroyed this game. MOST people never achieved level 99 BUT they were always being rewarded for playing the game. You didn't need to hit level 99 to wear an awesome piece of gear you just needed the stats.

I said this before, this game is not World of Warcraft so stop treating it like it is, Blizzard Staff. Listen to your fans and shape up. Fixing the AH before you fix the game just shows how profit driven this game has become.

I played D2 for 5 years because it was fun. Currently the only reason I am playing this game is because there is nothing else out. Bring back the the Diablo franchise that made the last game rock.
This is excellent!!! I hope an MVP can send this over to the CM's. It would be awesome for sure and definitely would help give them some solid insight and perspective.
Good read, you've got some brilliant advice
While the Blues haven't posted in this thread directly. its nice to see Bashiok let us know that they recognize the lack of a true endgame.

I think it is finally starting to dawn on them that the game has a lot of work to do in order to be what a Diablo game is all about (or at least they are finally willing to admit this publicly).

There will be folks out there that hem and haw and point fingers at them for releasing the game as it is, but I think we should at least recognize that they are listening, understand what needs to be done and also realize how much work it is ahead of them. There's no point in getting upset, but just keep giving constructive feedback.

It's a step in the right direction. We will just have to be patient... It's not an ideal answer, but it is what it is and Blizz is going to finally address the real issues.
1.1 is going to be crucial for me. As of right now, I don't play Diablo III anymore, but I still check Blue Posts and Updates regularly, because I know there is potential for this game to win me back.
The latest Blue post is up. Sounds like they are understanding the community feedback in general. Not too many specifics yet, but they are actively working on:

1. Improving Legendaries, including making them more "distinct". They say we will be "surprised".
2. PVP Patch
3. A Max-level "gameplay system" with "goals" as an alternative to the "item-hunt". Specifics not yet known.

These 3 things will go a LOOOOOONG way into making the game what it should be.
I'm Necro-ing this thread, because now seems to be time when people are really looking at constructive criticism.

Also, Droth was looking for constructive threads.
I love steps 3 and 4, they sound very familiar. I repeat step four often.
This is fantastic information. I read through the majority and was basically nodding my head at merely every point. I haven't played the game for a couple of weeks now. The gameplay is fantastic, but the itemization and lack of endgame direction are keeping me and pretty much all of my friends from playing.

Excellent work OP.

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