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I understand that things in the game will be changed, probably for months to come. I never really expected such a dramatic change though. I'm trying to keep in mind that after the release people complained about the Skills/Runes, until they started to understand how they worked. You make changes & we adapt. It'll take take time for some classes to adapt now since they have spent a lot of time & gold getting items that now are, in part, worthless.
One thing I've noticed from a lot of postings is that players think you people at Blizzard are more concerned with the AH/RMAH & making additional money for the company. Now I'm tending to agree.
So I have an idea that will help players & Blizzard. Start selling gold yourselves. Have an unlimited supply of gold to sell to players. This could & probably would increase prices of items. On the other hand it should balance out item prices in a short amount of time. There are a lot of 3rd party sites out there offering gold at prices between $3.80 - $8 per 1 mill gold. Undercut them, sell gold for between $1 - $3. Have an unlimited supply of gold to sell, sell it cheaper than anyone else & there's no reason Blizzard won't make a lot from it.
There are a lot of online games out there that have found ways to make money from players. There are also a lot of players willing to spend money on the games they play. It's all the players choice, they can choose to not buy gold for real money & progress a lot slower than others that will buy. Anyone who doesn't spend money will still be able to achieve completion of all levels, farm areas for items/gold. Just like almost every other online game out there.
Doing this won't kill off the AH/RMAH & it could make it easier for players to judge what items are worth for gold & real money. For example a Xbow in the AH for 40mill gold which would make it worth $80 real money if the gold price was set around $2 per mill. If someone finds an item in the AH/RMAH cheaper, buy it directly from who's selling it. Players can still make good money from selling items. If a player doesn't want to spend that much gold or real money, they could farm for it & in time get an similar item. It could take a while but they will get it. A character dies a lot, buy gold, then better items, or adapt & keep farming.
I haven't read all the forums & this could have been suggested a million times already. Blizzard may already be planing to do this, no idea. What I do know is that people are quitting the game. Now Blizzard has created a demand, so supply that demand & make more money for yourselves.
No, just no. Silly idea.

Gold inflation would be insane and again finding gold would mean nothing, the whole point to increased repair costs was their was too much gold in the world so the game needed a gold sink and that death was no real punishment at all.

Sorry man I just don't see any way possible that this could be good for D3.

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