To wizards with 25% move speed....

To all wizards who have 25% movespeed, how do you guys get such high % movespeed? Wouldn't your other stats be compromised, since many of the items which have movespeed do not necessarily provide high enough of other stats?

Finally, do wizards NEED this much movespeed?

#1 yes, but sometimes the extra move speed is the difference between not getting hit and getting jail/vortex/frozen=dead, so it is worth it imo.

#2 no, but if I had to chose between an extra 6-7% movespeed or 250 int, I'd take the movespeed and it wouldn't be close.
Lol 25 percent movement speed isnt good no more u would use lacuani prowlers and flavor of time, or if you were lucky enough to get a tyrales might with int and 3 sockets. If you are a good wizard you shouldnt have to kite that in a circle.
yes you lose some dmg
however you gain a lot of survivability and also run through the maps alot faster.

i think it depends on playstyle, but for me bumping up to 25% was a great improvement
Walking with 19% is pretty good too
Most elites = 25% movement speed or more.
Imo, 19% is good enough. Getting movespeed on amu isn't worth it considering amu can roll the big three DPS modifiers (crit%, critdmg, atkspeed), and I haven't see any Tyrael's Might having stats, specifically resist all, comparable to my own chest piece. Especially since tanking builds are much more viable now.

Also, movement speed rings are pretty bad too, as is Inna and Hammer Jammers.
here some info could help you finding movement speed items
So to boost your ms to 19, you would get boots with 12% and...say lacuni prowlers with 7?

Because I'm having a hard enough time trying balancing all the other different stats-,intel/vit (my vit is low 20k), all resist, crit damage\chance, AS lol. Especially when I only have 3 million gold.
I'm using the set ring for 6-7%+ MS
I like spending less time travelling too. Running around town, and between packs... you end up saving a ton of time. I'm surprised more people don't mention this benefit. It's just more fun for me personally too.

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