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Please unlock my account

My friend used his credit card to help me to buy diablo3
Now my diablo3 is SUSPENDED!!

I send my support ticket 11 hours ago
No reply

How can I do?

To Whom It May Concern

After double-check with the bank, it was confirmed that my payment to my play account had been completed successfully.
Would you pls check again WHY my play account was disactivated suddenly... even that I already log on for more than 1 hour?!?!
Looking forward to your immediate reply.
left game on got 24 hr ban
why ban me??? fokin shayt
20 min on phone still no ones is answering.

17 hours banned.

Hope they open it today which I doubt.

I bought an item for 9.99 and put Natalya Chest on sale for 35 than I got banned while I was doing act 1..

I won't be able to play after 2 days because work is starting so I hate this faking Blizzard once again.

Goodbye Diablo and Goodbye Blizzard

Fok OFF!!!

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