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Please add an option to disable all screen shaking. Some of us are getting dizzy and can't play.

please add this
What screen shake are you guys talking about? I've witnessed no such thing
Then you are lucky =)

There is a slight screen shake, or landscape shaking, when certain effects occur. Makes entire screen wobble. It's quite noticeable for me.
Act 4, Monk, Fists of Thunder/Thunderclap


I've never been motion sick in a game before and I've been playing for over 30 years. That screen shaking needs a toggle or a slider or something.
I am not affected by this, but I agree that Blizzard should allow people to turn the screen shaking off.
Pls make this an option Blizzard.
Agree! Please allow us to turn off all screen shaking. Causes many problems for me. Forces me to avoid whole areas of the game and skills.
I have no problem with screen shaking caused by using skills or anything in combat.

But I do have problem when in Act 3 at town (?I forgot?) where there was a storm and lighting occasionally triggered and shake the screen a bit...
please add option to remove screen shake. /signed
Agreed! please make it, my eye hurts and im getting a headache on a long run
Pt with 2 wizard used meteor shower ... Log off the game 5 min later :(
Yes please give us an option to turn this feature off. Even 20 mins after playing with my meteor wiz I can not shake the screen shake from my eyes and read properly
I agree that the shaking of screen should be optional to players.
I have to look away all the times cause of this, and if for some reason im in low life and the entire screen is red i just cant see.

Of course i have neurological problems, so im not saying they should change stuff because of that, but well my 2 cents.
Yes please, this constant screen-shaking cause photo epilepsy like symptoms for me, and i don't have photo epilepsy. Its just too much too often, add option to disable it. I have submitted ticked to customer's support and they refereed me to this threat cause developers read it.
Every barb autoattack shakes the screen :|

>at least put in the option to turn it off. Dota 2 has that option.
Please add this. As noted above, as a Monk with Fists of Thunder + Thunderclap, the screen is perpetually vibrating any time I'm in combat.

Thankfully it doesn't make me ill, but it does produce incredible eye strain.

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