A question about Energy Armor / Force rune...

This may be a stupid question for a level 60 Wizard to be asking, but with the Energy Armor's Force Armor rune it says that all "incoming attacks have their damage limited to a percentage of your maximum life". So my first question is, what is this percentage? Is it 1/5? 1/3? 1/2?

Because if it's a moderate percentage wouldn't it be better to have a Wizard using this spell and rune have LESS maximum life? For example, if you have that spell and rune active and only have 1000 maximum life the enemies, hypothetically, could only deal 1/4 of your life per hit (250 HP). So if you pair that with a health regeneration per second of 400 or 600 that would essentially allow you to take a lot of hits, so long as you don't suffer too many in the same exact second before your health regen can heal you up. Plus if you combo that with a rapidly hitting attack and a powerful 'life on hit' effect wouldn't that allow you to potentially survive easier in and out of combat?

I apologize if there's something obvious that I'm missing here, but the thought just struck me as kind of strange.
All details are here:

The Force Armor rune allows hit which would deal more than 35% of you life to be reduced to 35% of your life. So if you have 10000 health and get hit for 5000 damage the armor will reduce that hit to 3500 damage. However, you statement about using health regen to basically allow you to survive forever is very flawed. The reduction to 35% only happens if the initial damage is below your maximum health. Meaning if you have 10000 health and get hit for 10001 damage you will die instantly. The reduction is capped at your max health.

Hope this clears some things up

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