I HATE Diablo 3.

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I despise the game, I really do.

Every time I log in I feel a little bit of depression set in. Some days I sit there staring at the login screen for hours while browsing forums, watching tv, playing another game, or whatever else I feel like doing, trying to convince myself to start a game and farm for a bit.

Occasionally I do. I rarely get more than 1-2 farming sessions in before I give up and go back to the login screen. Pre-1.0.3 I used to farm all the time (I did pony runs daily. usually 5-10 a day, I also did a number of other things. Goblin runs come to mind, chest runs too). since the patch, I can't bring myself to want to play. And yet, I still won't quit the game. That's an entire discussion in and of itself.

Why is that? Simple. RMAH. The idea of farming for gear, which I then go ahead and sell for a profit. Now, I could just skip the farming process and play AH tycoon, but honestly, that's more boring than farming these days. The idea of the RMAH making me a few hundred extra bucks here and there is what keeps me coming back over and over though. So, why can't I bring myself to farm then?

It's boring, it's repetitive. Sure, d2 was the same, right? Well, sort of. See, pre-patch, I had choices. I could farm whimsyshire for a while. I could go farm A3 for a bit after that. I could farm treasure goblins for a bit after that. Then I could do chest runs. I could farm pots for a bit if I *REALLY* wanted to scratch my eyeballs out. The point was - I could mix it up. I could get a change of scenery. I could do something different. Now? I can't. If I want to farm - effectively - without exploiting, I have to kill the same "random" elites in the same areas over and over and over. Now, my only "choice" is which act I play (Note: atm A3 is awful for farming, so that choice is A1 or bust).

See, in d2 I could switch it up too, if I wanted to. But even when I did the same thing over and over, at least it changed. It was different. It was the same thing... but not. D3? The idea of random maps is an illusion. It's the same exact maps over and over. Maybe the layout of halls of agony changes a tiny bit each time. That's about it. Maybe there's a cave one time, and a different cave the next. That's it. There's nothing different, it's just the same thing OVER AND OVER.

I felt like ranting. I'm done now. Cheers.

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