Bringing back the low vit build

So after the changes in 1.03, I noticed that many mobs were not hitting me hard enough to trigger illusionist, which was actually getting me killed.

Solution, lower my hitpoints. This triggered the idea of trying to go further and bring back a super low vit, high life regen build.

I have to say I am loving this build. As my previous build had almost no life regen and meager resists, all my equipment isn't actually set up correctly yet, but even so it is working great.

All theses stats are with glass cannon, galv ward passive and templar.
Res All:650
Armor:5375(with energy armor)
Hitpoints: 12517
Life regen:1247
DPS: 30438.25

In addition, I have been focusing a lot on dex(635) and my dodge is up to 22.7%, which means I totally ignore 22% of all incoming attacks, which is pretty nice.

I would like to get my dodge up to 33% and resists up to 800, which will let me lower my hitpoints to about 10k. With a goal of 2k life regen that is 5 seconds to fully heal.

With these stats, nothing in act 3 one shots me, a few special moves(ie, easy to avoid) drop me to 30%.

Diablo's fireball isn't instant death, you have to get out of it, but you got some time.

Reflect damage is nothing, high resists/armor+life regen negates it totally.

The way they changed force armor actually makes diamond skin very powerful, the most I generally get hit for is 4.5k, which means diamond skin absorbs 5 hits, which is actually a lot. As I lower my hitpoints diamond skin becomes ever more powerful.

My build!fYd!bbYaYb

I use teleport with fracture more often as a cheap mirror image as I teleport directly on top of my target. Target has 3 choices on what to hit, if you take a step back he always chooses wrong, everytime you get hit, teleport on top and step back, it is effectively infinite two free hits. Combine that with 22% dodge and very fast life regen, I feel very tankish.

And of course, I still often use teleport as a teleport, fracture+illusionist is a must for any wizard imo, its like having a 7th skill slot filled with mirror image and both skills are very powerful.

Winged mollusks nuking you, no problem, I regen faster then one can nuke me down.

5 spear chuckers? Diamond skin gives me a good 5 seconds to nuke away before ducking around a corner.

Oppressors charge, subjegators melee hit still one shots me(not through diamond skin of course), but they were one shotting me when I had 32k hitpoints and 350 resists, I am probably close to the point where they don't one shot me, just need more resists/armor. Though I think at the point where these 2 mobs don't one shot me, fallen grunts won't be triggering illusionist and as NV buff heavily favors act 3 over act 4 I am very meh about act 4.

Dot based attacks are not instant death, a single plague is almost nothing, molten is still nasty. I can take an oppressors firebreath for about 2 seconds which is plenty of time to get out where as before it was instant death.

Generally for groups, its still your standard snare with blizzard and then hydra orb kite fest, but it is a lot safer and you can nuke longer before running and when it gets down to just a few, you can go toe to toe, even vs many champions.

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