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Ah right, actually not sure if you have to, but I know it works if you do so may as well :) When I added chen last night I just copied and pasted the battletag with the #.

cool thanks :) will add chen tonight :)
I usually find items with the level reduction but always sold them as I had no use for them. I think I will also donate to this good cause.
Chen your a champ :)

Gave me a level reduces wep for my level 54 barb! Its awesome :)

Once I get her to 60 it will be up for borrow for someone else :)

Thanks man!
wow really aweosme aussie/nz d3 community! keep it up guys.
your kindness makes me feel warm and bubbly inside hehe keep up the good work chen
Hey chen, can you add the one you gave me to the main list?

Given its a lower level req than any currently listed it might help someone out who isn't 53 yet and doesn't look at all the posts in the thread.
yupp! do you have the details? name, DPS etc and level
Stats on previous page, will get the name in a couple of mins.
Wrecker's Font, 50 requirement, 657 dps, 114 vitality, socket (currently +45% crit damage but can obviously be changed).
This seems like a real cool idea. Would love if i could borrow the Wreckers Font sent Infinite and Chen a msg wasn't sure who was holding it atm.
This is awesome, man. I just got my WD to 57 but I'm using a weapon with like 450DPS +110 int that I snagged for like 15k so should be fine to just grind act 3 for a few hours to max. I might want to take advantage of this for a future wizard/barb though.
Hey Sekta, saw your request, will add you tonight :)
If nothing else, this has reminded me to keep an eye out for weapons with lower level requirement...

I may or may not be bothered to post here if i do find some, but as i mentioned in the other "Free Item Bank" thread, i have a bunch of entry-level inferno gear sitting around that i don't expect to be able to sell, so if you're level 50-60 or just starting inferno, feel free to hit me up ingame.

I have a 1H barb weapon:


529.8 DPS
137 Str
39 Int
84 Vit

Lv. 50 requirement (EDIT)

So how does this work XD
Awesome feedback guys! I will clean everything up and sort it out sometime tonight :) Maybe add a few more weapons!
I got a few level reduce item i bought from AH, so i know they cost alot for lower level players..... but most of my chars are still ~lvl 50-55 they are using it...... gonna havta farm for better items once i get to lvl 60, then ill put my items on here as well. :)
In case you guys need me, I have a level 47 polearm which has 790 dps. Nothing amazing, but it might help. Or a level 46 2hand mace with 621 dps and 77% crit damage. Great idea! Just add me in game with the request. the weapon

My battletag is: Christos#1605

Sorry XD
Great idea! My monk is current level 52 and would love to either borrow something that I could use now, or at level 54. I'll add you tonight.

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