100k hp with 2k health regen

Witch Doctor
So I decided to take advantage of a lot of our health regen perks.

I figure as I gear up more I'll peak around 150k hp with 3k health regen. The idea is that you can take quite a few hits in inferno still survive and kite to regen your life. I have 20k dps atm, but should go up quite a bit once I get more gear. The key obviously is getting the right combination of stats.

I'd rather play poorly and survive rather than have to play perfectly to kill stuff faster.
Someone needs to learn about effective health over max health :P
I know all about it... so prove me wrong smart guy
Can I get a SS of your gear/stats? I'm seriously jealous. D=
Say you get hit for 20k with 50% resists is 10,000 damage
You get hit for 20k with 75% resists is 5,000 damage

100,000k hp \ 10,000 is 10 hits to die
50,000k hp \ 5,000 is 10 hits to die

Except that I have 2k hp regen which means that every 5 seconds I can take another hit.

Your regen is probably going to be bad.
70% Damage reduction on resists + Armor + Regen > Lots of health + regen.
Ok so you understand effective health. But from my AH browsing experience, life regen takes up so much "stat space" that the rest of your mitigation stats like armor, strength, dexterity suffer.
Nope... from the looks of things, bob stacked only enough regen to get around 1k regen, his other 1k is coming from Blood Ritual and stacking Vit.

I don't see why you can't stack armor/str with vit/regen, the only "wasted" stat is life regen.

Join pub games, everybody will love you to bits, you'll be the best WD who doesn't have to waste an entire skill slot on Spirit Walk (it's fantastic, but it doesn't help anybody). The problem is your DPS and the patch's new enrage timers. You're going to survive, sure, but stall for too much time and every boss fight becomes impossible.

It's redundant to lower the act damages only to give bosses enrage timers... you want us to build something non-DPS but you're forcing us to max out our DPS within 3 minutes... what?
Stack armor, resist, and life on hit instead. Kiting is not needed. You can just spam aoe and kill everything.
My character voodoo is currently paragon 39 and on the verge of 100k hp with a massive 99k +. i have 55% dmg resist from armor (69% with horrify in effect). 700 all resists ( int + AR bonuses ) gives an additional 70% dmg resists. life link adds 10% more absorption. jungle fortitude 15%. and bad medicine lowers enemy dmg by 20%. for a total of 150% passive and 189% active dmg resists. my dmg is 120k and my mana regen 98 PASSIVELY. thru the effects "rush of essence" i can achieve 175 mana regen per second. infinite bears and spirit barrage add up to heal extraordinarily with lifesteal on my weapon. as i crit often for 400k-600k per bear and similar dmg from spirit barrage's multiple projectile affix( both attacks spew forth constantly for an estimated 1.8mil per sec including pets). . and i have major room for upgrades. which will come in time. wd's can be tanks im proof enough.
Your damage mitigation goes like this:
For armor at 55% it's 1-0.55

So, (for my benefit mostly):
(1-0.55)*(1-0.7)*(1-0.1)*(1-.15)*(1-.20) = 0.0826 = 8.26% damage received.
Without life link: 9.18%
Without Jungle Fort: 9.72%
Without Bad Medicine:10.33%
All three: 13.5%

So by adding BM you took about 20% less perceived damage.
By adding life link, jungle fort, and BM, you take about 40% less perceived damage.

edit: What I mean is, I like your gear and your build. I use a similar one for SB + RoE +BR for mana regen.
I like +SB damage, but -bear cost is even better, imo. It's just +SB damage is multiplied by 4 times with WoS.
Barbarians work better at stacking health and life regeneration.

Once they get to 100K Hp, one passive gives them an automatic life regeneration of 2K without stacking any on gear.

Their 30% damage reduction already matches life link dogs + bad medicine. Then they have warcry + 2 armor passives against our jungle fortitude.

Remain proud of your EHP, i too stack EHP more than DPS, but just remember there are natural limits you can not overcome.
Thank you for the compliment, and the math. i just added them at face value. not suprising that upwards of 100% dmg resist is impossible. and effectively 8% seems about correct for inc dmg. nice to have legitimate numbers.
id like to note that i do agree barbs make easier tanks. yet they lack the ranged attacks, mutliple pets to side tank,and all around parlor tricks like spirit walk and horrify for those "close calls" we all tend to find ourselves in ( snared, frozen, walled or cornered ) . not trying to be a barb. or beat one. just wanted the most un-orthodox caster build. capable of tanking in a comparable way to barbs or monks/ never actualy expected to achieve such tank-itude with a paper class. glad to have so much feedback aswell. ive noticed more attention directed towards wd's as of late. maybe the population will increase as we get the info out there... that wd's aren't the worst class. contrary to common chat channel discussions. wd's are quite effective. just very gear intensive.
MCP that 1 second wall "pile on" cool down must be brutaly effective. ive often pondered the effects of its 500%+ hit dmg when crit'd and repeated. im assuming it hits for well over a mil on crits. nicely tailored 11 sec cooldown bonus. on a 10 sec skill. brilliant
Dudes. I think your build ideas are interesting, but a few ideas to keep in mind.

Ultimately you need to have enough health/damage mitigation to survive to kill things.

To kill things you have to have enough DPS to kill the monsters before they kill you.

Having one of these things without the other is not a good thing.

So being a tank that can't dish out damage is not good.

Also being a glass cannon that dishes out large amounts of damage but has poor damage mitigation is not good.

The most successful players balance damage mitigation with damage dealing.
I agree with everything you've stated skywalker. I can not speak for the others but I handle mp10 with efficiency at my 120k dps. and often carry whole teams. I cant stress enough that 120k dmg wd with infinte mana ( constant dmg from most powerful skills ) will out do a 190k wd with low attack speed and low mana regen. If your witchdoctor can't hit constantly then your dps is greatly in-accurate. and your lifesteal suffers accordingly.
all that said. I do like your character. your female witch doctor does achieve a nice balance between tank and damage from what i can see in the profile. and all in all the majority of the builds ( gear included ) in this particular forum pose many good cornerstones for some of the more exotic witchdoctor builds. everyone new to a witchdoctor must keep in mind , while shopping, that gear above all else is the key. witchdoctor builds are very gear intense and often molded specificaly based off of the bonuses and harder to obtain stat combinations. such as a strict adherence to a pre-defined armor build. intel- vitality- life% -All resist- attack speed - crit dmg- crit chance- and mana regen with a minimum of 3% lifesteal. make up the requirements for a wd tank build. ofc there are other variations for gear requirements. I always attempt to stack every single one of the previously listed stats on each piece of equipment. this is impossible on some pieces due to the inability for certain pieces of equipment to have certain stats/ affixs.So do what you can and upgrade at an enjoyable pace.
@Skamp, technically it's zero cd, so the pile on attacks as fast as my attack speed.
The problem is exactly as you pointed out, the life steal is great, but inconsistent. My crits on pile on can be 500k or 1.5 million (or not at all). I can stand in Ghom poison clouds, or I cannot, all depending on crits, and that's on an enemy that stays still. There are a wide variety of enemies which is why I use toads + acid rain. It's a fun build, but pile on is annoying as fok.

Pile on is fun, but it's no where near as effective as bears + WoS, which is what I'd be running if I wasn't bored of it.

Skamp, I also get it. Mana regen opens the doors and your RoE is the path way to bears. It's the same for me. MP10 is no problem, just mostly take a relatively long time, since there is exponential boss HP growth.
just a monk jumping in where i wasn't invited:

i've been stacking life regen and at one point i had 4500lps, and 590k ehp while only having 32k HP.

i was surviving mp8 runs easily with lps as my ONLY form of sustain. i can only imagine that a kiting character like a WD can make it happen better. but you NEED a massive amount of armour and resists.

i have since changed my spec a bit, but at the time i had 4500lps, i also had 1100 all resist and nearly 6k armour.

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