Error 3003

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ok. thanks Machkhan. They have finally posted something now so i will follow that forum now. thanks alot for your help and support.
same problem!!!!!!!
i should buy the game again?
Same error pls help!!!!!
OMG i hate this error what shuold i do??!
What server (region) are you attempting to log into?
Got the problem

Europe server, i already uninstal game, and again, same error! Tried change to america and worked, but no heroes :S

I have the same problem to on "Europe" same thing yesterday... was running fine til like 15 min ago when i i was "kicked"
same problem here
Ok, seems like there is more issues in the European servers again. The proper parties have been notified and are working on it. You may want to keep an eye in the Tech forums in the Europe site, as they can closely monitor the situation.

This forum is North American base, so I don't get these updates as often as EU based forums would.
Hello. I am getting Error 3003 on log in :(
Doesnt says anything about my internet connection or anything. I am typing my password correct and still get this Error... Anyone has the same problem?
Try again, as this seems like it is resolved for the European server.
im getting error 3003 upon login any help?
got error American server
Seems to a problem with the Diablo server nothing that you are doing wrong. Just give it a bit of time and try again.
same thing error 3003.. scary to happen in the royal cripts with a hardcore hero
^ that sucks..and they probably dont care...
Yah im getting this stupid error, thought someone was trying to hack my account. It booted me out of a hardcore game in the middle of fighting mob so if im dead i hope blizzard restores my guy.
^i thought the same thing lol

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