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I am bumping this thread until an official response to fix the issue has been posted.

Ever since I bought the game, I been having this issue. Its not my internet, nor the firewall..etc. I tried everything they wanted and I get the same results;I get disconnected. It has come to the point where I can't even play for a minute before getting disconnected. FIX THIS PROBLEM PLEASE!
yeah please help i love this game and have put about 600 hours in to the game nothing crazy but my point is in the last month i have put in about 10 hours as it got to the point where i wass rageing every time i got a full stack and boomback in menu's scratching my head i just gave up i decided to give it another go yesterday and what do you no same problem but since GW2 release i played 10 hours a day with not one dc problem please fix preety please i wannna slay demons
I too am playing a ww barb. and am having this issue on a regular basis
keep on dc now and then ... can't even play the game for more than 3 minutes ... what you expect from a free server ?
Same problem here. This is happening on any of my characters, in both game and menus/AH. I assume everyone else is having same relative experience.. Rubber band>fps dump>lag spike>rage>fps normalizes/lag goes away>dead toon>3007. I have had this issue since 1.04. Not a single issue with streaming, or any of the other online games I play. I keep coming back every time I see a realm restart but nothing has gotten any better. Just had 3 dc's in less than 30 minutes. Wondering why I even bother?
Same... disconnecting all the time.
same thing is happening to me, played d3 fine when I first got it. Recently switched my ISP and the problems started happening. Contacted them was on the phone to them for ages and could find nothing wrong. Downloads work fine, other games work absolutely fine but d3 sits around 350ms (usually 220ms, from aus) then spikes to 800+ms then 3003 error. Can't stay in a game for longer than 10 mins without this happening.
Well guys, seems this is a worldwide issue. Here in Europe the problem exists too since the last update. Can't level my Dmg-Barb under these conditions. I keep getting disconnects within 30-60 minutes. But it seems, that it's happening mostly in act 3 and with barbarian. Played my witchdoctor last 2 days, most of the time no problem except for a few short frame freezes, but playing my barb in act 3 is almost impossible and it's not even a WW barbarian -.-

I have a disconnection problem, I can't stay in the game longer than 30 seconds. I called my isp and they even rebooted my service and gave me a smoother/faster connection. I am fine on the net, just not on the Blizzard server. I mainly play on Asia, but I tried it on the American server and its the same thing. Lag then freeze, disccount. Most of the time, it shows me with green bar (since I called up my isp yesterday) but it still freezes when I go into battle, then boots me out of the game. It was so bad a few days ago that the game disconnects me from ALL internet. So please fix this.

Hold on, I just realize I am getting lag issue with this website also. It must be on your end.

Another two things, first I need to know why I can't post sometimes. It gives me an error page, so I add an "s" to the URL http(s) to fix this. I shouldn't have this problem because I bought this computer brand new Windows 7 Home Premium + Intel P5 and like 8 gigs ram just for Diablo 3. Running IE 8.

Last but not least, please tell me when you guys are going to have a true AsiaEast English server. My character profile doesn't show up on the American website.

I get the same disconnect all the time. I mostly play single player, and this game absolutely wants me be connected to the crappy servers in order to play the game at all. I'm really pis... because nothing is done to fix this. I hope there soon will be crack for this game, so I can play single player without blizzards disconnected error.

I want to point out I am getting "lag spikes". I get green bars now, but dont know why it enters a high latency. Please correct this issue. Here is my info.

Your IP address is: - Be Curious


HK Cable TV Ltd


Hong Kong

Hub City:

Central District
(Routed Internet Connection)




Internet Explorer 9.0


Windows 7

Screen Res.:

Ok, please ignore my msg. It is my service provider that is causing this problem. Bunch of idiots put me on this "special" connection and suppose to give me more stable connection for surfing the net yet what it does is like overclocking a pc. Act like its faster than it is really but this is not helpful for gaming.
Having the same problem but only when its peak times around 6pm-12am. I can play fine w/o lag before those times then the game becomes unplayable with 500-2500pings. I can play other games like FFXIV(servers are in japan) with 0 lag, I then load up D3 and the lag is back in full force.

Edit: on que, lagging really bad right now.
I too am experiencing disconnects. It sucks when you've worked hard to get 5 NV buffs,and you get disconnected.
Just got this response from one of my support tickets:


Thank you for contacting Blizzard Technical Services regarding Diablo III!

I apologize that you are getting random disconnects. It is our fault that this is happening and we are working on a solution to fix this problem!

Thank you for your time and patience with Blizzard Entertainment and have a great day!!


Obi C.
Blizzard Entertainment
Account and Technical Services

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