Playing Diablo 3 In 3D: A Guide.

Technical Support
Updated for 1.0.5

Seriously. If there is one game worth upgrading to 3D for it's Diablo 3.
- The 'blur' is much improved. Things are razor sharp in 3D.
- Many spell effects look *amazing*, almost as if they were designed more for 3D then 2D.
- Weather and the like has to be seen to be believed.
- 'Deep' landscapes like Warrior's Rest and Act 4...yeah. Wow.

After an earlier thread I've got a few ingame messages and requests on forums to help people with their 3D. Didn't expect it to be this popular - but to be fair D3 is *really* good in 3D, if you know how to set it up.

If this is better suited to the general forums, please can it be moved?

Basically, this guide will explain how to set up and tweak your Nvidia 3D vision to work well with Diablo 3.

A few things:

- This does not cover TV based 3D solutions or ATI cards.
- Nonetheless please feel free to post here if you have any questions regarding 3D in general or Diablo 3 specifically.
- Credit to a lot of these tweaks goes to Alchovich. Good on ye, mate!

The Basics: What Do You Need?

- A pair of 3D glasses, preferably 3D Vision Nvidia (which this guide is based on).
- A 3D Vision compatible screen.
- A fairly powerful graphics card.

> For those looking to purchase a setup, I would recommend the 24" BenQ 3D Vision 2 screen or the Asus 278H, both include Lightboost technology which is well worth the cost of admission.

Starting Out.

If you tried playing Diablo 3 in 3D without tweaking any settings, this is what you are seeing:

- Text floating high above everything else.
- Certain things merging into other things, making your eyes water.
- Loot and the like 'popping out' too much.
- Everything sunken deep into the screen, giving it a 'fishbowl' look.
- Lack of awesome 3D feel.
- Crap performance.
- Horrible issues with shadows when multiple lights are present.
- Dark and/or washed out colours.

This guide should help with all of the above.

The Guide


- Go to your Nvidia Control Panel and open up the Stereoscopic 3D options.

- Enable Advanced Controls.

- <Optional> If you are running at a high resolution on anything less than a GTX 480, I suggest you disable Ambient Occlusion if it is enabled. If your framerate is less than optimal, set this to Performance.

- Go to your Desktop Colour Settings.

- Check 'use Nvidia settings'.

- Turn Digital Vibrance up to between 60-70%

- <Optional> If you are running a 3D Vision 1 setup, turn Brightness to about 70%.


- In the Diablo 3 options:

- Set shadows to Off.

- Depending on performance, you may want to turn AA off too.


- Enter the game and find a safe spot, preferably by a tall tree or building.

- Enable 3D if you haven't already (Ctrl+T).

- Position the cursor above your character's head.

- Use Ctrl+F6 to 'lower' the cursor until it's floating just above your character's head. This will also apply to loot and most text.

- Use Ctrl+F5 to raise this if needed - if your cursor 'shimmers' through high objects like the buildings/trees you may want to raise this.

- Use Ctrl+F4 to add some depth. I like 10 bars personally, but I can go as high as 3/4 full without my eyeballs wanting to explode. As you get used to it, increase this number.

- Hit Ctrl+F7 when you are happy to save your settings.


Tips and Tricks

1) If you see the cursor 'shimmer' into things, it means that the convergence is too low. Turn it up with Ctrl+F5, but be aware that this is going to increase the 'text float' issue too. Find a balance that you like.

2) If you start to feel headachey or sick, lower the depth a bit. If it persists, go and take a walk outside to help your eyes relax.

3) Using 3D generally results in a loss of colour and brightness, especially on 3D Vision 1 based displays. There are a few ways to counter this.

- Use the Nvidia 'Digital Vibrance' setting. Crank it up to around 70-80% before using 3D and you will see a huge difference.

- Turning up your contrast can help with colours, but can also increase 'crosstalk' if you are playing a very bright game (see: Portal 2).

- Ingame Gamma can also help.

4) Play the game in a darkened room if you can, to maximise brightness.

5) If you want a really good test of 3D, go and play the outside area to the West of Tristram. The trees should pop out of your screen, as should the crows.


What are those weird spidery black things everywhere inside a dungeon?

Shadows. There is a horrible bug at present which stops them from rendering correctly in 3D indoors. Just turn them off for now.

Help! My framerate is crap in 3D mode!

Not a question, but yes - 3D can hurt your FPS a touch. A few things that may help you are:
- Turn off ambient occlusion.
- Turn off AA
- Download the latest Nvidia drivers.
- Lower your settings slightly.

What is Diablo 3 like in 3D?

It's not for everyone, but if you have the power to run it maxed out it is pretty damn amazing. Everything looks sharper, for starters and you can really see some nifty use of pop-out at times.

Can 3D mess up your eyes?

Maybe. Diablo 3 and other 'good' games with 3D don't seem to affect me. Extended 3D movie watching (due to lower refresh rate) and certain 'bad' 3D games (Starcraft 2 for one) definately give me eyestrain after a few hours.

Will this work for Starcraft 2?

Yes and no. Starcraft 2 uses it's own 3D support system which quite frankly...isn't very good. It's 100% fine with a bit of tweaking for regular SC2, but not custom maps.
Try using the ingame settings to reduce both Convergence and Seperation a touch from the start. Oh, and if you change your zoom you need to change your settings.
Oh, it would be awesome if someone with an ATI setup could make one of these too :)
WOW! You posted this just in time. I'm house sitting for my grandmother while they are away at the beach for the week and I planned on hooking up my laptop to their 3D TV to try and do a little 3D gaming. So I Googled whether or not D3 was compatible with 3D and came across this awesome thread. Tyvm. I'll post back with the results once i try it out.
06/26/2012 07:17 PMPosted by Starbird
Oh, it would be awesome if someone with an ATI setup could make one of these too :)

Unfortuantely, there's two 3D "standards" floating around on PCs now - Nvidia has their 3D Vision, while AMD opted for HD3D (via Quad-Buffer). While both are technically compatible with each other, you can't run what was written for one on the other. That is to say that Deus Ex HR and DiRT 3, which supports HD3D, can only run 3D on a Radeon, while pretty much everything else is Nvidia.

Currently the only way around that is the use of 3rd party software called "Middleware", such as TriDef 3D. My understanding is that TriDef 3D has a Diablo III profile now, but that's only the "vanilla" release. The LG release, at least, hasn't been updated to include it yet. I've been trying to get something workable with it for a custom profile but I just can't get the depth right.
Thanks for these tips !

When trying to play with standard settings, it was awful. Using your settings, the 3D is simply AMAZING. Transforms Diablo 3 into a entirely new game for me.

Thanks again !
How in the world is this in anyway belong in the tech support?
I'm building a new computer, and I'm thinking I wanna get nVidia 3dtv play software and an LG 42" cinema passive 3d tv. Will diablo work in 3d with this setup?
08/25/2012 12:35 PMPosted by Eirhead
I'm building a new computer, and I'm thinking I wanna get nVidia 3dtv play software and an LG 42" cinema passive 3d tv. Will diablo work in 3d with this setup?

Hey, just saw your post!

I honestly don't know anything about 3dtv play, but passive 3d is usually pretty decent from what I've seen.

Please let us know if it works out!
07/14/2012 01:53 PMPosted by Sithiandra
How in the world is this in anyway belong in the tech support?


When I posted this in General people told me to post it in tech support.

When I post it here, I get told to post it in General >:|.

But okie dokie, have remade it here: Will keep that one updated.
Im user of 3dvision with a laptop :D
Core2duoP9600 2,66ghz 6mb cache
nVidia 9600mGT OC @ 600/960/1500
I´m waiting for the return of my broken Acer 5630 3dVision Projector to test or play Diablo 3 un my 144" game wall
....Age of Empires 3 runs BRUTALLY GOOD in 3DVision...

I have to tell you that correct position head-screen is the most important thing to FEEL 3D. You will put your hands in air trying to catch the tings coming to you... really.

Thanks for the info!!
Interesting, I've never seen 3D working on a lappy.

Oh, and updated for 1.0.5. Still looking for a solution to the shadows bug.
I turned 3D on on my JETSTREAM GEFORCE GTX 660TI today and forgot I had done it until I started up Diablo 3 and blew my mind. It is just awesome from the login screen all the way in. I will have a play, try your settings and report back.

I had a Samsung 2233RZ monitor a couple of months ago and tried to play D3 on them in 3D, but I wasn't aware of this awesome guide by that time.
Now I got an ASUS VG278H monitor and did setup the video and game according this guide and now it looks amazing!
I'd add another tip: to turn off item text and use ALT to turn it on when needed. Also, usually we need to read item text in the middle of the screen, so it's a good idea to set up convergence with your hero in the center.
Besides the shadows, item and mouse cursor issues, I'm facing an issue on Act IV, the landscape texture keeps popping up, shaking, so I have to play it without 3D, unfortunately, as the trees are amazing in this level.
Thanks Starbird!
I am playing in 3d on ATI, with Iz3D driver. No shadow issues btw
I just had to post my experience with the Sony Personal 3D system HMZ-T1P with the nVidia 3DTV PLAY. The graphics are so AMAZING in 3D! My only issue is getting the right controls mapped to my PS3 controller! I find it hard to go back to 2D after seeing this in 3D!! This rocks!
ASUS VG278H + GTX 660 TI PE.

Diablo 3 with 3d Vision is just OMGAAAAAwesommmme ! Incredible ! Amazing ! Unearthly !

I'm feel playing another game than d3, I'm feel playing the REAL diablo 3, I feel to be entirely inside the game and inside locations. This game is crazely made for being played with 3d stereo.

There is a convenience with some bugs with shadows in some places, but the game is fixed with the Helix Mod. However, it could be nice that blizzard make a patch and fix the problems by their own way, and give possibility to set HUD convergence and other elements of the screen. HUD sometime is conflictual with pop-out elements.
como adquirir do diablo em 3d
Hey there,

Is it normal I can't get a good convergence value that works both ingame and in the menus? Once set to my liking in game, it looks distorted in the menus (login screen) and I have to readjust the convergence (I need 1 setting for the menu and 1 for in game).

Thx for the help!
My 3D vision is not working in D3. other games is OK. what to do?

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