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Lore and Story
After I had killed Diablo again today I decided to listen to all the stuff my followers could say and realized that I probably would have enjoyed some side quests to strengthen the bond between them and I.

For lack of a better comparison, Me2 Loyalty quests in D3 for the followers and maybe even Tyrael. Their conversations imply they are much deeper characters and I think a few quests to bond with them and solve their dilemmas (which are automatically solved by progressing through the game) would have been fun.

Ex. Finding the Kormac's Tomes or something

So what do you think, would loyalty quests have distracted from what D3 is really about


would you have enjoyed the idea/ any ideas of your own
You know what would have been awesome?

Random quests, like they had in D1.
*looks at LittleDisco weird*

what game have you been playing?


We can hope for that in the expansion. Lyndon deserves his own spin-off
Yes, all the followers have great side stories. I would enjoy that.

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