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Update: So I submitted a support ticket and here's the response I got.


Thank you for contacting Blizzard Customer Support. We are currently investigating similiar such reports. Do try to perform the vote kick while in town and see if that doesn't help. Otherwise, please do continue to be patient as we will do our best to resolve any issues related to the feature.

That was a few days ago and I just joined a group with an AFK player so I had a chance to test it. From my one test so far, the work around in the quote only partially works.

I joined a public game and one guy was just sitting in town doing nothing. He ported to us and helped for a few seconds and then went back to town to just stand by the WP. At first, 'vote kick' was grayed out. It said the feature is only available in public games, but I joined the group with the public game feature, so it had to be public. It also said the feature is disabled for people who abuse it. I don't see how it's possible that I could be abusing the feature. Even when I have tried to vote kick, I haven't been able to due to the difficulties described in the original OP. Going to town didn't change this at all.

I checked a few minutes later and 'vote kick' was white, but I still couldn't use it in the dungeon. Clicking it did nothing. But going to town DID work and the kick was successful. So it's not completely broken, but it's far more tedious to use than it should be.

So what changed in this case? Why did it go from gray to white? Was the game incorrectly labeled as a private game at first instead of a public game? Or are players being incorrectly labeled as "abusing" the system? Even if a player has a history of vote kicking too much, they should still be able to kick someone who's been AFK for 10+ minutes.

Original post:

I'm sure other people have mentioned this, but I feel I need to bring it up again since it's still a very annoying issue.

I've been in many 4 player games where 1 player is sitting in town for 10+ minutes and the other 3 can't kick him. Either 'vote kick' is grayed out or it's white, but clicking it does absolutely nothing. Other players in the group say they try to vote kick and well, but get the same thing.

I completely understand the issue with needing to restrict vote kicking. It's not good for the community to have players kicking each other for stupid reasons. But it's not good for the community either when games are pointless made harder because of an AFK player. One way to solve this is if a player doesn't press any buttons for 10 minutes, then any player can initiate a vote kick, even if they have a history of vote kicking.

Seriously, why hasn't this been fixed yet? It seems like something that could be solved with a hotfix.
Bump because it doesn't seem to be in the recent hotfixes and it needs more attention.
Issue still exists - on EU realm too.
Even on Normal difficulty where 3/4 of the group can still do fine, this issue is still annoying. I just played a bit of act 1 normal with an afk player. We kept hitting group events, but we had to wait 30 seconds each time because afk player wasn't there to click anything. It really breaks up the flow of the game when you have to sit there for 30 seconds for such a stupid reason.

EVERY pub game I'm in now has a person that joins and AFKs out in town hoping that the other 3 will carry him through the act. It's bull!@#$
Would be nice to get Blizzards attention on this.

I updated the OP with a partial solution from Blizzard.
I have only known kicking to be allowed in town with all the players present except the one you are booting. Would be nice to be able to vote kick without wasting your time porting back to town. As far as AFKers, seems I get at least 1 or 2 each game that stay afk for the whole game. I don't get why they pull that crap. Yeah cool getting leveled up but not geared up or getting gold out of it just lame.
!@#$ing bump....

Vote kick is something that should have been functional at launch. It's been 3 months and this still only works one in 20 times. Take it out if it's going to be grayed out 95% of the time......or fix it????
We couldn't get it to work in my last game. Always 1 am -5 am I get way too many afkers. Kept trying to kick while we were in the dungeon then went back into town and found the guy just sitting in front of the blacksmith and got error messages that we couldn't kick him. I was host and the other two never got prompts to kick. We had to leave and create a new game and join each other.
We tried to vote kick someone while fighting our way to Diablo in Act 4. The guy we were trying to kick had Tyreal with him, even though he was just lolligagging in town.

I wonder if the fact that Tyreal was with him prevented us from kicking him.
Yeah, it don't work for me, either. Whether in town or in the field, it either does nothing, is grey ed out, or gives some sort of "you can't do that" message.
Vote kick has been broken since release it works only some times. I think they should also ad vote kick to non pub games. I have great D3 friends but things come up and everyone even myself has to afk. We say if you need to kick me do it well as of right now we can't. Vote kick should also have specific reasons they did ad the description box on why you want the vote kick. I don't think it's fair to kick someone just because they are a bad player. Those people are the whole reason for pub games. All my toons I leveled solo, it wasn't till inferno I played coop. Yes alot of people use coop to get carried. I myself have been carried Gohm was impossible for melee. I think the vote kick should have a drop down of reason why not a description box were someone can just put "retarded" it happened. AFK is the main reason to kick someone we have all seen them just sitting in town, but what you don't know is if you are AFK for to long you get kicked by the game..

The coop in D3 is one of the best I have seen take the new Guild Wars to where the whole game is one big coop. You want to play with a friend you can't tele port to their location and if you don't have any waypoints where they are you can't get to them. Since every class start somewhere different playing with a friend is not as fluid as it is in D3.
Yes I would really much like to see the votekicked fixed.

At times its so annoying having someone go afk and you can't vote kick them.
Bump, been broken for months now and still every bit as annoying. Why is this so hard to fix?
Yea, definitely annoying, the only option was to invite the other people to a new game, but if you have nv stacks.... its gunna suck
Still isn't working, yup.
Bump. Can we get a fix on this Blizzard? Whether it is for them talking to NPC's or involved in their stash or a simple coding problem this needs to be reworked...

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