1.0.3b Delayed (Updated)

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Updates like these can really go a long way. Thank you.
When can we look forward to some game mechanic fixes ?

All we see is economy related fixes .. and for alot of us .. we just dont care

Give them a chance. They can not fix all they know is wrong from our, constructive, and not so constructive, feedback over night. I have read a couple things from the blues that lead me to believe that they have heard us loud and clear. Now give them some time to fix it. Feel free to continue feedback but as for raging, i think they got it.

$$$ First, thats what blizzard care. Not any of us.

If they can't fix RMAH, they won't fix anything.

RMAH is they way to make $$$

People like you will NEVER be happy. Please do us all a favor and uninstall and leave.

And people like you will continue to make stupid remarks.

If all that's left are a few fanboys, do you think they'll keep the servers open?
These include the Inferno drop increases among a couple others, and will be applied with off-peak rolling restarts tomorrow morning.

Does the drop rate fix also apply to Whimsyshire?

Edit: quote tags.
Only helps if they kept the roll chances the same....

Guess we'll all see since they won't/don't comment on the how items roll stats.
where's the change that makes me come back to the game?
06/27/2012 08:35 PMPosted by micmax
Too late. I allready unistalled this game. You need more than these patches to fix this .

You just be chillin' at the Diablo Forums, posting 19 minutes after a blue post, not caring about the game and all.
Not too bothered about drop rates, its drop stat quality I want to see increased. If i get one more lvl 63 wep with 250 dps im going to scream. this was unheard of pre patch.
Still nothing about when server restarts are going to be under 'Server Status' - can you get a CM to update that forum with a timeframe? Thanks.
so nothing new for another 2 weeks? gg
Awesome, I'll be looking forward to reading it after I grab a cup myself.
I am pretty much to the point of "too damned little too damned late."

By increased drop rates, what they really mean is that they are going to dump more items on the RMAH not ingame. How else are they going to continue %*@@@* their playerbase?
Do I dare ask what the loot table looks like now?
+1 for the transparency, thank you for keeping us on the same page! This is how we progress together as a community. You have my gratitude and support. Now, off to Sanctuary!

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