RIP HC Toons - Lag Attack of 06/28/12

GFG, !@#!@# YOU BLIZZARD, !@%!@3 YOU.
I came to watch the forum fireworks!
Close call for me... got away safely barely...
That was awful. I JUST switched over to SC with a friend and the lag spike hit. I was very fortunate.
Was playing my SC toon at the time, but I definitely felt a good 20-30 second spike, then disconnected from game.
I died
Poor HC Toons....RIP.
I died. *sigh*
yup... dead...
kicked me completely out of battlenet. Now I get error 37. WTF blizzard...
no empathy for those who call their characters "Toon"
06/28/2012 08:48 PMPosted by Mercurial
no empathy for those who call their characters "Toon"

No need, I was playing Normal =D
RIP everyone.
As someone who died last lag spike. I hope none of you trolled the people lookin for justice for their characters and ask for special treatment.
Rest well my wizard.

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