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ok so i bought the game yesterday, played it at first with horrible latency so then i stopped. i left the game running on the character screen for about an hour and then tried playing once more. THERE WAS NO LATENCY ISSUE FOR THE NEXT 8 HOURS. i was playing in the asian server from 10pm-6am and it was as smooth as velvet. However, today i popped open the game and latency is back to its average state... thousands of miliseconds.

I've noticed that people all over the world are having high latency issues so that makes me think that's servers are behind it. could it be possible to open up just a few more servers or improve the current ones? im guessing its costly, but thousands have paid the cost of a broken game.
Absolutely ridiculous,the game ran fine before the patch and now you want us to mess with our PC's? I thought bioware's SWTOR was bad but this is far far worse.
From Kaltonis (NEW from this thread):
One of my colleagues was experimenting with tweaks to reduce his own stuttering when he found that this one had the greatest affect on his system. I then tested the same methodology on three more systems, including my home machine, and noticed a significant improvement on all three.

Now compare the above NEW quote with the older ones below:
These quotes are from thread: HDD Major-Stuttering Solved (not micro-Stutt)

Also from Kaltonis (old):
I personally don't have stuttering issues on either my work or home system, so I won't see any changes. Neither should anyone else who is currently stutter-free.

Also from Kaltonis (old):
I was simply mentioning that I've not seen any of these stuttering issues in person outside of the stuttering you get in the first few seconds of most PC games as data is loaded into RAM. I was assuming we weren't really counting that. Outside of those first few seconds when I enter the game, my Witch Doctor has reached level 35 stutter free.

Also from Kaltonis (old):
Meanwhile, I don't know anyone who stutters. None of the machines at my office have the issue, none of my co-workers have it that I know of (although I think a friend of a co-worker might), and the three friends that I normally party with don't have stuttering either. This is why we avoid anecdotal evidence, because I don't think either of our experiences properly matches reality. :)

no further words ...

...excellent find;P
Here is for hoping they fix this issue in 1.04.
Yeah, this made it worse for my SSD. I had to revert back.
Ummm although this may be a fix for SOME why would it need to be done in the first place if the game developers did their job???
It did eliminate most of stuttering for me. Especially those that occur when you start a fresh game. however I disable this "index search thingy" directly with Diablo3 folder because I install it in other drive.
Weird part is my c: drive is not allow to disable "index search thingy" I tried disable it but it revert back
Another weird part is FPS drop. This occur when you enter new area. Happen when I start new game and after using waypoint(not sure about using portal though)

Hope this help :)
GRAPHIc LAg!!!FPS DROP !!no solution for my spec...i7 920+ati hd5870!!!please make a solution and make a patch like be4 the 1.0.3 then will solve!!
Fix it blizzard, please! ))
Providing a work around that involves disabling one of Windows standard settings, isn't the right way to go.

Take responsibility for once and admit that the most recent patch is the cause of this stutter issue. "Sorry guys, we messed. We're fixing it in the upcoming patch."
What about people who installed the game to another drive.... would we pick that drive and disable indexing for that drive...?
For all that is holy, please have a patch for this tomorrow.
Is there any solution like this for Macs?
Meh no fix this week I guess.
Here the game is simply unplayable since a couple of days ago. Every "new event" (like opening a chest, opening inventory, seeing a new part of the map) makes it freeze for a while, to return to "normal" a (few) second(s) later. And even when I'm doing nothing, just hanging around, the sounds are stuttering. I have played for more than 200h and everything was perfectly fine, up to some days ago. Tried to scan, defrag, reinstall, update drivers, restore my windows to a point before this all had started, reduce image settings, change windows indexing stuff, processor affinity everything, but got no result at all. Game is still unplayable. I'm really upset, because although I have been seeing some very harsh criticism on the game here, I used to be one player that was indeed enjoying it. If you have any suggestion of something more I should try, please let me know!
maybe you guys tried this already, but what worked for me is i turned off the indexing for the C:\ drive as well as the Diablo 3 folder in the program files

holy !@#$ nevermind was smooth for about 15 seconds now its back.
why do we to do it on our own damn we didn't pay for this inconvenience so fix it and let us patch normally we don't know too much nerdy stuffs like opening the files and folders we might ruin it
07/10/2012 11:41 PMPosted by malmon
why do we to do it on our own damn we didn't pay for this inconvenience so fix it and let us patch normally we don't know too much nerdy stuffs like opening the files and folders we might ruin it

Exactly this,not everyone is a computer wiz.Fix your broken game FFS.

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