Called the FBI on Blizz for Wire Fraud (lie)

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This post was a lie. The FBI was never called and there was never a missing item or missing currency.
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06/29/2012 11:05 AMPosted by Welshers
The first thread exploded into a 30 page flame war after I left, so here I am rezzing it.

Umm, why? lol
1.) Probably fake to scare people from the RMAH. Silly farmers!

2.) If true, likely nothing will come of it, because it's likely a bug that'll get resolve if you actually exercise some patience.
I think what you did is right. If everything was done accordingly to Blizzard, there is no reason why they should not give you back the item or the money of the sale.

If they gave you back the item, you have nothing to complain about.
When did the money and item disappear - you do realize that much like a "bank losing your money" they have a lead time before it shows quite possibly. (That's mentioned in the TOS and is far more rapid than the Federally mandated 2 weeks FYI)

Every time I had a GAH item or payment in limbo it appeared within 5 days. I've yet to hear of a similar "failed transaction" RMAH issue that hasn't rectified in under 6 days. [And that was ONE, the rest in 3 days or less]
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