Reason behind my RMAH account lock explained

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This is beyond screwed up. It's literally robbery.
you'd think they'd do the check PRIOR to letting you add money to your bnet account.

if that's not criminal. it should be.
Want your account back? That'll be $180 dollars.

A beautiful example of blackmail.
Man I haven't even purchased Diablo III and I feel guilty for paying for other Blizzard products. I really want to hear from a Blizzard rep about this because usually there is some other issue the OP conveniently forgets to mention. On the surface, this looks pretty terrible.
This thread should continue until responded to. I hate injustices.
I definitely would NOT let Blizzard take the money which is OBVIOUSLY MINE because of switching countries...this isn't right and i would do everything i could to reverse i'm appalled by Blizzard's antics at this point.
install diablo 2.. take a step back and then play a fun game. realize you were scammed when you gave this company 200$ on top of what you payed to play this game. now, go play a perfect world and enjoy a real pay to win game.
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I actually can't believe they're doing that. It's little things like this that have pushed me toward the more indie companies recently. Greed has been destroying this industry.

I hope you get it sorted out, OP.
I'd like to see this resolved for you, OP, but with PayPal getting away with shadier BS than this, I'm not sure anyone will help. If you have a good bank they might decide to aid you, but I wouldn't hold your breath.
not letting this go until Blizz fixes his problem
Its simple enough to contact your credit card company and request a refund since the company is giving you problems. The credit card will always refund your money once you jump through a few of their hoops.
This is happening to prevent International Money Laundering(cartels, terrorists, etc). But they should mail you a check at least.
ok i hear all of these reasons and agree to some degree. but take me for example, my home of record and residency is in the us, i am in the military deployed for 1yr to UAE. so i have to change my region even though im still living in the states, i still pay bills in the state because my family is there. i have no residency were im at. so tell me how this is fair?
I'm amused (but also very saddened) that so many people think they're battlenet balance is real money.
Thats like saying my fridge is a bank full of real money, cause thats what I spent to fill it up.
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This is happening to prevent International Money Laundering(cartels, terrorists, etc). But they should mail you a check at least.

So these gangs pay $60 US for the game and then transfer a maximum of $250 at a time in a dying game? Those dastardly criminals!

I suspect it's more a case of Blizzard not thinking things through, rather than a deliberate conspiracy. It's easier for them to stone wall than actually provide a solution. This should be a case for the Community Managers to act as a conduit between the company and the individual (out of the forum)

I agree Blizzard should refund/transfer the money.
It does not matter if they think its real money or not. They are paying for a service of which they are being denied usage of. I hope they fix the problem which they most likely will. Even if you decide to call them again keep seeking higher ups.
Whatever happened to the company I was once a fan of? Oh, right. Activision happened. I can only hope, they dont manage to completely drive Starcraft 2 to the ground as well, with their expansions.

Free bump for OP.

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