Reason behind my RMAH account lock explained

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Complain to your local goverment. thats fraud.
OP is justifying them RMAH-centric game development :(
Stop giving them money OP or they'll continue to think this is a good idea :(
Wow, you got 21st century robbed. Is this the way thief's of the future will operate?
I think people should realize that as soon as you deposit money into your " balance" it is no longer even money. They take your money and update a simple integer value that doesn't really count as money.

This is why you can't transfer from to paypal. It is pretty much the same thing as gold at this point with a different label.
WOW!!!! Don't put anymore money in this lame game.
Dude write back and tell em you've moved back to NA.
Have a friend or family member in NA withdraw or spend the funds.
Then transfer the account.
Hope you find some form of justice man, I've never heard of anything like this from Blizzard before. I'm honestly shocked.
Disgusting behavior from Blizzard. I am appalled.
It's not like you're planning to withdraw the money from the Bnet account, so it's not even laundering.

This really needs to be resolved, if money is on an account, let the money stay on an account.
Why the hell should anyone feel sorry for you? You're the flipping reason Blizzard has become a shell of its former self because you just give them money. Sorry, I just don't care about your plight. I hope more of these types of things happen to people who put this much money into a crappy feature. I know, I'm a bad person...I just don't care.
I'm surprised that Blizzard hasn't deleted this post yet. They're good at that.
06/29/2012 07:52 PMPosted by InnerDemon
WOW!!!! Don't put anymore money in this lame game.

This. I hope you learned your lesson and you move on.
Request a refund of the balance you haven't spent yet and then get a server change. If they won't do it you can either take them to small claims court, whatever that is where you live; request a charge-back of the full amount you purchased which will likely result in permanent ban; or bend over and just server change, giving blizzard free money.
Looks like they did more than just set up an agreement with PayPal.

Looks like they had PayPal/Ebay customer service teach them how to give you the run around as well.
I don't even think that's legal.

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