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The real question is, how is all that gold getting into the system? Sure I can sell some AH items and get millions (or hundreds of millions), but where did the original gold come from for that buyer? Because even if everyone was gold finding, and not spending any in the gold sinks,there seems to be far more gold than one can account for... I gold find a bit every day usually and only have found maybe a few million gold, and I don't think every player is doing hours and hours of gold runs every day...

Remember those gold dupes that Blizzard claimed weren't happening before RMAH patch came out..? Yeah, that's where.
Combination of Bots and RMAH is driving the !@#$ out of prices.
find nice item > sell for 50M > upgrade 1 item

but if you are only botting gold or playing the AH or buying from chinese farmers .... :D then there is some new gold , but no new items = prices go hiiiiiiiiiigher , enjoy
06/28/2012 04:23 PMPosted by Kasane
I purchased most of my gear (for around 5 mil) early on. I've been farming for awhile have saved around 30 million gold - and because of inflation - I can't upgrade the gear I have. In some cases my gear is worth 50 times more than it was when I bought it (axe that cost me 1 million is now worth 50 mil). Where is all this money coming from? Why is everything so expensive?

Yeah, basically I finished gearing up about 1 week before 1.0.3 (and beat diablo inferno), spending about 20 million total on my gear in the weeks leading up to 1.0.3. Since 1.0.3 I earned about 25 million farming and spent very little. And I couldn't afford upgrades anymore (actually, forget upgrades, I couldn't even afford gear for my new barbarian).

Inflation rose more than what I could earn, and the gear I bought way back when was worth about 800 million according to yesterdays prices. Hopefully after the buff to high ilvl drops, prices will lower. It would definitely help if blizzard banned all the botters (and gold dupers).

Edited (checked AH history, for more accurate cost totals)
Anybody who has a significant amount of gold is really, really stupid...
It really is not that hard to figure out guys. Without RMAH and without Bots there would still be massive inflation. When you sell something for 10 mil you just gave that gold to someone else. All this time people are playing the game and making gold. The repair cost and 15% tax on AH sales is a limited gold sink. There will always be more gold in the game today then there was yesterday.
People have to farm the gold. You cannot blame the RMAH because gold is not created without farming.
I tried to farm up some gold to buy a new weapon, and as I was doing so, a weapon that was a HUGE upgrade for me dropped (1H mace with 199 int, 147 vit, a socket, and + damage and +451 life on hit, for a total of 991 DPS).

I was pretty happy. I think with the new hotfixes I'm going with magic find instead of gold find.
06/28/2012 04:24 PMPosted by NOhara
RMAH is driving up prices in gold AH.

Inflation is rampant because of the bots farming gold like mad, farming rare items before 1.0.3, and because they are botting the GAH and the RMAH.

It's expensive because you saved 50 million gold. You literally answered your own question.
[quote]Here's logic (I know, it's surprising on these forums):

When you purchase items from the AH, your next gear upgrade will a) take longer to find, and b) be more expensive, everything else being equal. This means on average, both of those remain true. Yes, you can get lucky through RNG and find an upgrade in 30 seconds. But statistically speaking, each upgrade costs you more time (and thus it's also more expensive if purchasing).

Now, imagine instead of you being ONE player, you are 1,000,000 players. They all saved up 50m gold each. Guess what? 50m doesn't buy what it used to buy.

This is in no way addresses the issue.
- My items are worth 10-50 times more than what I paid for them. If I would have looked for upgrades a few weeks ago, I could have afforded upgrades easily.
- The money I have isn't from playing the game, it's from selling drops on the AH. I have around 3 mil gold from monsters; half or more of which was spent on repairs and pots trying to do act 4 earlier than I should have, not too mention the million or so I spent crafting worthless junk.

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