Banning Linux Users For Using Linux...Really?

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We’ve extensively tested for false positive situations, including replicating system setups for those who have posted claiming they were banned unfairly. We’ve not found any situations that could produce a false positive, have found that the circumstances for which they were banned were clear and accurate, and we are extremely confident in our findings.

Playing the game on Linux, although not officially supported, will not get you banned – cheating will.

Sorry - I don't believe that for a second. The devs of this travesty of a game have proven they have very little competence. BTW - you made the front page of slashdot... You want to get intellectually beat down? Well, its incoming.

Very logical quote from a post on the slashdot thread...

And that, dear readers, is why Slashdot advice is sometimes unsound []. After reading reports of client side exploits (like rumors of item duping via system clock adjustments) and understanding basic limits on server/client communication, it is apparent that Blizzard has to trust the client more than they're comfortable with. So if you look at their "warden []" implementation for WoW, you can imagine that Diablo III has a similar "anti-cheat check" component running in user mode where Diablo III runs. And they probably (correctly) identify Wine as being not genuine Windows. It's an emulation. And therein lies the problem. Without setting up a highly invasive rootkit like The Warden, Blizzard cannot know if Wine is emulating Windows libraries correctly. A simple mental exercise is to imagine that the D3 client cannot query the servers every time it needs a time stamp for each event in the game -- to do so would DDOS their own servers so each client must query each user's system clock. The Windows call that does this is emulated by Wine. One could easily insert a dynamic control for this "system clock" into Wine and recompile. One of the achievements in Diablo III is to finish each act in under an hour. So a user could note the time, play to the end of an act and before beating the final boss, simply turn the clock one minute past the starting time and have Wine report that to the client. And if the client is not asking the server for these time stamps, achievement granted. This is a very coarse example for the sake of brevity but I would imagine that system timestamps affect many more aspects of the game. The rumor was that rolling back your system clock after an item sale would return the item to your inventory and you would still have the gold from selling it.

So is there actually a modified version of Wine cheating for you under your Diablo III client using the windows DLL api as a facade? Blizzard doesn't know. They can't know unless they have a rootkit that runs in super user (administrator) mode that profiles and scans all other programs for offending actions. That's how they caught WoWGlider but it would be infinitely harder with individual people like me tailoring their own versions of Wine. I am not saying their reaction is correct, I'm just trying to explain to you why they are employing arcane logic. The solution is for them to natively support Linux but that's a completely separate flame fest for which I really don't have the energy right now.

<<< linux botter tears make me giggle
*passes out tinfoil hats to all in this thread*
I am appalled by this. Your "cheat" detection is detecting Wine as cheating (Which it didn't do in SC2). On top of this you are REFUSING to refund the money or unban the accounts which are banned.



This is ridiculous.

haha cheater, you got banned




Can you please learn to move your little pinky finger just three-quarters of an inch to the left of the A key and then press the key it's hovering over?

By the way, that's called the Caps-Lock key. Please bloody use it next time to not make your arguments sound like they're coming from some overly obnoxious fratboy.

Also, have you read the official Blue response. While I question what Bashiok said about it definitely being cheaters because these emails were on the Wine App database and not some guy trying to start a witch hunt and fake a real reason why he got banned.
Blizzard didn't ban EVERYONE using LINUX, they banned those "cheating".

More importantly, the article says "A number of players" using LINUX, not all.

Is it so hard to conceive that a group (large or small) of gamers figured out they could use LINUX and WINE to cheat at Diablo III? Furthermore, have any hackers/cheaters at games then admitted they were in fact cheating when banned?

No most likely they whined like little !@#$%es saying "I never cheated! I was banned unfairly!"

Good riddance to cheating pricks.

Everyone's assumptions aside, there's no way Blizzard's Warden software is infallible - nothing is. With that said, unless Blizzard releases more specific information, we don't know.

With all the technical issues with Diablo III, I'm not sure I trust Blizzard's Warden software to accurately do what it's supposed to.
So running WoW under WINE is fine

Running Starcraft 2 under WINE also ok

Running Diablo 3 under WINE will get your account banned

Am I the only one seeing a double standard here?

Does lead to the question with the MoP Beta using the same Warden system are they going to start banning those people running it under WINE

Only if I accept the premise as you laid it out, which is untrue. That's not why they were banned.

Ok you want a real world example to back up that statement.

My flat mate has two accounts, one of which he uses on his Windows machine, the other which is setup on his Debian HURD machine. Each account has SC2, WoW and D3, in the case of WoW it has the same addons.

He's had his Debian suspended and his Windows one is fine, Blizzards response was you have been banned for cheating. There is no difference in how the games are installed or used apart from the fact that one is using WINE as a transport for the Windows APIs as it is designed to do.

Care to explain that?

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