Locust Swarm, which rune and why?

Witch Doctor
Share your thoughts if you like, currently trying to decide myself. Would love to hear what others have to say.
i personal love locust swarm, i uses pestilence up until 59 when you get searing.. then dmg in huge however the weapon % is threw the life of the swarm not per tick so when you break it down it is like hitting a group of mobs with ONE zombie bear over 8 sec. but i think if they upped the dmg or made it per tick it would be an awesome skill to use
Depends on your build?

It used to matter when plagued/molten enemies would resists their own respective elements, so you'd try to stack different abilities within the same build (Searing if you're using poison primaries, regular if you're using Flame/Spirit attacks) but now that they've gotten rid of that, everybody just use searing all the time.

Edit: there's little to no reason to use any other rune besides Searing, unless you're building Bad Medicine or some sort of DoT kite build.
Yea searing looked the best to me, and it would be a second school of damage(not that that matters now). I got an item that increases locust swarm damage, so I want to try it out with the dart kite build for progression and act 2 farming.
Searing Locusts are great, but yah...I use a Bad Medicine build that I put together so I could take some hits, while still putting out ok DPS. I'm running the Pestilence rune, atm.
pestilence until inferno.

searing for inferno just because of the damage

i love the skill and it really defines WD play. its just too close,thats all. even in act2 inferno i can clear a mob with one cast of searing locusts with the PTV passive
At the moment im progressing through Nightmare, with a "reduced level requirement by 15" weapon (it's level 60). Locust swarm with pestilence is so satisfying, just cleared the whole keep depths ridiculously fast. Got like a 60 massacre with ONE pestilence locust swarm. Threw it on the 1st mob at the door to an open area and 10 seconds later everything was dead (including an elite pack).

Now this is just me with way too much dps for nightmare. I can imagine in inferno searing locusts would be better, havent unlocked em yet tho.
...locust swarm is really bad in inferno...unless you have high dps and basically any low damage skill will become high damage in your hands.

However not everything is about damage so nothing wrong with using it as long as you like it.

Dots in Diablo 3 are like dots in WoW. Affliction warlocks tend to do low dps on "trash mobs" because the mobs are killed before the dots run their full course. Similarly dots in Diablo 3 don't run their full course before your other attack spells kill the mobs.

Therefore you should use the rune that spreads Locusts the fastest, and ensure that more ticks of the dot happen before the mobs die, resulting in better efficiency. And that rune would be Pestilence.

Searing will be good on elites or bosses. But I go with Pestilence for overall.
I love Locust Swarm - I use the Searing Locust rune. You don't need the pestilens rune for the Swarm to spread IMO, so why not go for more dps? If the first doesn't stick, hit them with another..
i use devouring swarm , because i play with bats . many people use pestilence , i try too but mana done tooo fast , just 2 kliks on firebats and mana gone.
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You really cant go wrong with what ever locust you use, each has its own purpose

I have been using Seering in Beta due to damage output on it
Why do people suddenly res threads?
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Why do people suddenly res threads?

ooops my bad I didn't notice that :P

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