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07/11/2012 06:48 PMPosted by itsjch
It's funny i never See Narull in the Ventrilo just some other random people here and there.

Was on for afew hours tonight and noone came to talk to me! /cry

lol, if anyone is ever on and whats to chat drop me a line ingame or on here.
Funny, I check the Aussie forums often and never look at the stickies hehe.

I play quite a bit lately (injury keeping me at home, awaiting surgery) so will log in and chat away with anyone that is on. Always enjoy having a chat whilst slaughter the minions of hell MF running act 1 to maybe one day find an upgrade (LOL.....I can dream can't I)


Em... Maybe I should give it a try.
Ventrilo... something new :)
Your the man. It will be great to talk to someone whilst playing.
Thanks again
While I'm sick atm so not activly playing(doing the bed thing ya know, yay fun times) if anyone ever wants to play or chat on vent or both drop me a line in game.

I really find playing more fun when your chatting with someone, or complaining about arcane mobs, or such =)

Hope to chat to some of you guys soon!
Getting a headset....
Just ordered a Turtle Beach Z6A off Ebay... Hope to get it by tomorrow (Express) but... seems like they have not yet post it out ... oh well.. might need to wait till next week -_-
Cheers Narull!

Hopefully you only fleeced some yanks to fund this server. :)

In any case, at least we now finally have a D3 server down-under with respectable pings... :-/
Choice work my d3 friend .. look forward to rampaging with you
Good work with the Vent !! Really appreciate it.

I got a few mates and this is definitely beats typing easy !!
im on there alot nowdays but no Narull .. whereare u???
Anyone been using vent as i see only 3 ppl regular plus one friend i got to use Vent for the first time and he loves it .. add golith if ya want.
I admit I haven't been on in sometime, mainly cause I would go on when someone msged me ingame rather then just wait around in it and because of my health problems I've been in bed far too much and not playing D3 either =(

I've started to perkup abit of late so am starting playing again as much as I can, if you see me online or such drop me a message and I can jumpon and hey if I'm not already skyping/mumbling/why is there so many damn chat things these days, I'll try and idle abit more on it.

While the server doesn't get as much love as I had hoped, I'm happy its used regually, although some people at weird times(I can see logins on the server logs), but hey I'm up at 6am on a Sunday so who am I to talk =)
definitely keen for a drunk friday night run, thats so ausie / nz!
Whoa... we're australian
Does it REALLY need to be witty as long as it mentions booze?

Nah, I dont think so either...

EDIT: Fixed a typo
whats your user name in vent ?
Let's get this party started.

What keys do you recommend for Ventrilo and D3?

PTT or Voice activated, and if PTT, which hotkey?
da*%*... my ping is 4000... this is going t be fun. Roo's must be tripping on the fibre optic out here in wagga wagga
I'll jump on and check the server out in a sec.
Gamed with Sly and Deathlegend tonight. Farmed Act 3 and 4. First time into act 4 for me. Made a big difference to both the giggles, and the success to be able to voice chat as we smashed stuff.
Is this still operational
09/03/2012 07:17 PMPosted by Groosum
Is this still operational

Yeah the vent is still up, I only go on when people say 'come chat' but I know(via the logs) that people still use it.

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