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Huh, maybe it's a case of "your mileage may vary", but I've really enjoyed playing D3 so far. It's different enough from D2 to make it it's own game, much like D2 was a huge change from the original Diablo. I haven't noticed any play issues myself aside from launch day delays and some minor lag, but that's probably my fault for being Australian and playing on US servers.

I'd like to say thanks for putting out books to flesh out the lore, alongside the short stories/comics you've made available. I believe it really adds a new dimension to any universe and allows us to further dive into principles, characters, events and ideas we discover in the games and other media.

Kudos Blizzard.

EDIT: I've mostly read and enjoyed Warcraft lore previously, am looking to get into more Diablo lore and may start with this. Not actually commenting on the content of the book as I haven't read it yet. :P
I bought a copy on Amazon.com.

I'd buy it if you would fix the game. I love reading and would love to delve into the Sanctuary Universe but will not support Blizzard with another dime until something is done with DIII

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