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I just bought and read the book (in one sitting, MAN am I tired)

I liked it, it helped to flesh out a lot of what has been going on in the intervening years from D2 to D3, and it added a lot more depth to previously established characters like Cain and Gillian.

Not to mention it's awesome to know that the Horadrim live on, even after the death of Cain and Leah.
What's the difference between hardcover and kindle?
uh for the starter edition on diablo wat are like the level cap and all the perks and stuff
The one thing I was really upset wasn't mentioned in the book in any way was that Cain thought Leah was Diablo's daughter. SPOILER ALERT!!! There is a quote from Adria when she goes all bad where she says "Deckard Cain always suspected Diablo was Leah's real father", but in the book there is no mention at all of him suspecting it. There are those crazy dark winged shadows and all the raw power and stuff but he never links it to Diablo being her father in the book. Maybe that realization comes somewhere down the road on their travels together between The Order and Diablo 3 storyline.

If a sequel ever comes about, I'd love to hear about how Cain came to the realization and what he ever planned to do about it etc.

Wow what is with all the crap in this post?

Anyways, I just finished the other day and the more I read the more I got into it. It was very hard to get into at first, but I am happy to see some of the details fleshed out which made D3 make a lot more sense.

90% of posts have all been deleted.

Anyway, wondering if we will get to Gillian reappear in game considering what happened in The Order.
I'd like to request this be un-stickied. I came here looking for game-related info on journals, etc. that are not fleshed out in the wiki, and figured a sticky might be a good place to start my search. I see now that I was wrong. *sigh*
I bought this book a couple of weeks ago. it was for my birthday present (book vouchers). It was an awesome read. I always loved reading such books...I've read most of the other diablo books too (borrowed from the library).

Loved knowing the story of young leah and her adventure with Cain.

I don't like how the story ended though.


the bad guy jumps out the window in his struggle against belial...all the undead army falls down motionless as the spell breaks with the death of the bad guy...

it is not epic enough =(
no major clash of armies
not enough action on a large grand scale...

just small personal battles and struggles here and there...sigh...

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