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I was playing D3 and all of a sudden I had problem joining games. So i logged off and logged back in i was missing 2 items. A legendary mf knife and a good mf mojo. They just completely vanished and I even have a battle net authenticator.

There's really nothing that can be done about this as item restoration is not a service offered in Diablo III.


Customer Support Representative
I lost 1 "tasker and Theo" star stuff and a flawless emerald gem (in vol-socket) you did not give it, I did not throw it accidentally, suddenly disappeared.
After about 5-7 million gold, it has been a week and during the game I could not even pick up so much gold, so I ask for help from the support.
I apologize for the many errors but I do not know English well:(
Please read the Blue post above yours. Missing items are not something support can help you with. If it is not in the merchant buyback tab, or on another character, then the item is gone forever.

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