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Getting this when it goes to authenticate my credentials at login. Anyone else getting this?
yep me too, just got booted and cant authenticate!!
servers are down it would seem. ps anyone ever look on forums before they post?
why do you say that, i had forums open but i did not refresh so didnt see the other post till after i posted.
server maintenance is probably early. =\
thank you for that.
There is maintenance scheduled for today... Im just puzzeled why the cbf putting it on your startup screen before you sit down at 6am to play a game you never have any other time to play (kids and work). Its just slack. Its not as if they dont just decide to do maintenance on a whim. "Hey guys im bored, let do maintenance and watch all the forums and see who has a cry"
The sad thing is I feel like crying :-(
It's not maintenance, seems they are having problems.
im getting same error and cant play...not fun...always something
im getting that error today..
yea me too i cant log in as of like 10 minutes ago
so typical...
great. i just tried logging on first time of today about 10 mins ago. so it just started?
i guess its not just me lol its like 1-2 times a week something goes wrong smh..
Same here, except I've never had this problem (perhaps it was just dumb luck). Do we just wait it out?
ive been checking the server status page, they just now brought US servers down.... here we go again...
server is officially down. great job guys, was at final boss.
lol R.I.P. hardcore players

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