Commodities Coming Soon to RMAH (Update 7/12)

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Update 7/10/12:

The following commodities are now available for trading in the real-money auction house:
  • Gems
  • Dyes
  • Crafting Materials
  • Blacksmithing Plans and Jeweler Designs
  • Pages of Training

The ability to trade gold as a commodity is not yet available, but we hope to enable it in the near future. Keep an eye on this thread for further updates.

I do hope Blizz that you do not devalue more the poor value of gems now by allowing gems from the Radiant Square to the Radiant Star in the gold AH, as well as the rare Dyes. Leave some dignity to the game and retain value to valuable stuff.
Hopefully these commodities would at least remain valuable to be coveted for, and would be available only for public trade in the RMAH.

07/10/2012 01:45 PMPosted by skvarda
How am I supposed to sell essence with the min price being 25 cents for 1? Nobody is gonna pay that. The lowest price I can charge for my 444 exquisite essence is $111.00.

commodities on the AH are sold individually, but once they all sell or a partial amount of them sell, you get your money/gold.

but still, nobody will pay .25 cents per. even if people just want to throw money away, .25 per would be an insult to them.

Its such a joke, unbelievable blizz would implement commodities in the RMAH with a minimum price of .25.

Unfathomably stupid. Consider my brain boggled.
ya i got to go with this, currently its alot cheaper to just buy gold at $1.5/1 million then pay .25 per mat

Still, ill leave mine up, you never know if somone is rich, careless, and high and buy them lol.
I agree on having a min price for those. But 25 cent is just too high and meaningless.
ive got alot of gold i wonder how much it will be worth
Sweeeeeet! Thanks!
I just want to thank you Blizzard for the laughs. 0.25$ minimum to sell a single subtle essence. Subtle... as in normal mode. That was a good one. The same with every other essence or low end consumable.
I imagine all the people whining about the RMAH are just not making money from it... I however love the feature. Since it's opening i have managed to make almost more in 1 week then i do at my regular job. Will i quit my regular job oh heck no but the extra income sure is nice.
I sold a bunch of gems for money woot
[quote="60761608889"]so everyone that actually is willing to pay money for gold will just stick with the gold sellers.

It's worth paying more to avoid getting your account hacked and to have a guarantee that you'll actually receive the product. Gold sellers don't have any obligation to deliver.

While true, I'd bet there are "trustworthy" gold sellers in the botting community; if they weren't delivering, people wouldn't still be buying, so there wouldn't be some of the same damn websites still spamming general from day 1.

There might be. Impossible to know for sure without some risky trial and error.

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