Why do you still play diablo 3?!

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summertime my !@# i live in michigan. theres snow outside xD
besides this game if fcking awesome.
I would venture to say that most people are absolutely fed up with this game. Most, not all. But people still sit at there computers killing little goblins... Why? Its summer, time for camping, hiking, riding motorcycles, swimming, boating, fishing, walking the dogs, throwing dirt clods, driving with the windows down, going out with friends ( if you have them), flying kites, throwing horseshoes, square-dancing, planting gardens, shooting off fireworks ( it is the 4th of July btw, 'Merica! ), shooting guns, water balloon fights, paint balling, going to amusement parks, etc.

Now why are you still inside? I wrote this on my phone waiting to go Spelunking, so whats your reason?
Why are you still inside making stupid threads? lol you're a hypocrite :)
It's my favourite game ever made.

I still play it because it's fun and I still have potential long term goals to accomplish.
Namely I've yet to paragon 100 any class or solo MP10 with any class.
I can solo ubers on MP6 but I'd like to eventually be able to do so on MP10.

I still play D3 but not exclusively.
It's relegated to a few hours a week as I focus on other games for the time being.

I recently played through Bioshock 1, 2 and Infinite.
Now I'm revisiting FF13 in preparation for FF13-2.
No point whatsoever until it is patched to a point where it is actually fun to play.. just check into forums once in a while to see if there is any progress.
I'm not.

I just go on the forums to shut down fanboys with logic and statistics.
Nice to see active participation on a necro thread.

On the topic, I still hang on to this game mainly cos I know people in real life who are playing as well and with the same enthusiasm as me.
I've played from launch till now as:

a) I paid good money for the collector's edition so I always planned to get a decent amount of enjoyment from the purchase. I do have Torchlight 2 and I could always get PoE but I like the skill system in Diablo 3... never was a fan of the amount of time one has to put into theorycrafting so the relatively 'consolish' system was something I liked.

b) I always planned on playing as all 5 classes till lvl 60... which I reached yesterday. I'm a casual gamer these days.

c) I'll probably still play a bit more in order to beat Inferno on MP0 (don't care about MP10) as well as to spec out my Monk a little more. His DPS is a little lower than what I want it to be. But I'm quite ready for an expansion pack now... one that has proper randomly generated areas.

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