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Lore and Story
At the end of Act 3 Adria goes to the burning hells, from being told by Diablo(In leahs body lol), when the game ends, we dont know what happened to her, of course everyone would want her gone now since she basically ruined Leahs life in the process and made her as a vessel for diablo. I really do hope you get to have a boss battle with her and some how resurrect Leah if that was ever possible and find out about The Archangel of Wisdom Matheal, see more about his story and to what happened to him.
really nice idea they should also bring pvp in because the replay value in the game would be much better (not that it is already)
D3 XPAC => The Search for Leah

In a departure from D2, the expansion contains Acts 5, 6, and 7.

Act 5 => Adria has restarted covens in the homelands of the five character classes (Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard). Tyreal's guidance - in the absence of Cain - assists the player to track Adria travels, rooting out demonic infestations, and collecting special items to resurrect Leah. Players again combat the Five Lesser evils.

Act 6 => Player MUST now use the Templar, Enchantress, and Scoundrel as the story driver as each pursues their own "storyline" (Corruption in the Order, Search for Surviving Sisters, and Brother's Demise), finish collecting items, and resurrect Leah. The Final Boss fight with a "corrupted Angel" ends with Leah's "resurrection".

Act 7 => Armegeddon. Boss fights feature Adria, Baal, Mephisto, and Diablo.
I think it the story will revolve around Adria, Malthael, and possibly Trag'Oul. I like the idea of visiting the homelands of each class and follower.
I thought something similar to the OP's idea. Basically, Adria's weakness is Leah's magic, and she could have a speech thing that will really make you go "yeeeaaaahhh!"
D3 Expansion will most probably deal with Leah's resurrection as hinted by Shen in the dialogues. I can also see Imperius being a boss here, either out to get revenge on the Nephalem or maybe a part of him was corrupted by Diablo when he was stab in the cinematics. Diablo will most likely make an appearance since Adria is still out there and it is fitting since Leah's salvation will most likely be the main plot of the expansion. It would be fun if we could explore the side story of the followers further, maybe as a subplot in an act, if so there would at least be 3 more acts to be added when the expansion comes out. Hopefully the story will be better compared than D3's. Also looking forward to the additional character classes.

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