Stop saying PvP will be "Pay to win"

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Stop spreading this misinformation. Blizzard has said multiple times, THERE WILL BE MATCHMAKING BASED ON YOUR GEAR.
You will have to insert coins to start your PvP game.
... blindly trusting Blizzard ? Matchmaking will suck, it will be pay to win...
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You trust them to match players by their gear value when they assign level 61 to a blank ring with a single socket?
Just like you could break a vase and get the best item in the game?
you trust what blizzard says? lol. apparently haven't learn anything since May 15th.
LOL matchmaking based on gear? You realize the only way to do that is through average item level. And are all 63s created equally? Apparently you don't play the same game. It'll be pay to win, fanboy.
07/09/2012 10:10 AMPosted by obscura
Blizzard has said multiple times,

you lost me with this quote.
they can't matchmake on gear. not going to happen.
I don't see how its possible in the slightest. NOT all lvl 63 items are equal. i have seen some good and some very very bad.

With the RMAH and AH i can see why people say Pay to win.
PvP will be pay to win.

Sorry... I just had to.
There is also matchmaking in WoW and those who played know it will be terrible
Its called cheating the system. For instance Player has all Ilvl 63 gear he then throws on his Hell level gear mix matched with some ilvl 61's. He queues up for pvp and BAM thrown into a match with people with gear around that level. Player then puts his Ilvl 63 gear back on and is in god mode.
07/09/2012 10:10 AMPosted by obscura
Stop spreading this misinformation. Blizzard has said multiple times, THERE WILL BE MATCHMAKING BASED ON YOUR GEAR.

Cool deal bro!

Go farm 500 hours, or use 10 farming bots 24/7, to get your gear.

I will just buy mine.

Then we fight. Diablo 3 is still pay to win. Welcome to reality.
I can't see any way for it not to be P2W. There is no way to separate an item purchased from the RMAH vs another item, and there would be an uproar if they somehow did pull it off. Matchmaking based off gear? All ilvl 63, whether purchased from the RMAH or obtained otherwise are the same value.

The only PvP I see being legit is if they make a version for Hardcore, since there's no RMAH available for it.
Another point. If it is matchmaking by gear. And I who do not buy stuff on the RMAH lose vs my opponent who buys on RMAH it is still P2W.
Its just an excuse bad players use. The new generation of gamers can't play a game without crying about balance when they lose. I beat people in D2 on my sorc using MF gear. I beat people in WoW using full blues while they had epics. Gear isn't as big a deal as forum whiners make it sound.

And no, ilvl isn't the only way they could do matchmaking, it could be based on stats, genius.

I would LOVE to hear your matchmaking ideas based on stats.

It's pay to win. Get over your failure of a game.
Matchmaking? LOL, it will be the MW2 kind of matchmaking.

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